November 29, 2013

The Front Yard View

The sunset taken from our front yard. To watch more glorious skies around the world please visit Skywatch Friday

November 28, 2013


There is one instrument I just knew from browsing online it was the fibracell reeds, it's like a wooden or can be synthetic type of saxophone, for this small and simple looking instruments who would you think it will create a vibrant tone  and beautiful sound? I'm proud of those people that has this kind of talent in music. They're gifted and blessed to be a musician.  I wish I am(lol). 
It's just a sudden thought while I was browsing some stuff online.  It's about musician and their instruments. I wonder if I've ever watched a musical play, I can't remember, I think I've watched before, yes I did. I really admire their talents in music and how amazing they are to play the different kinds of instruments which when combined together they create a beautiful and harmonic sounds.  Hubby and I used to like watching the group called Scala, they are girls who plays different kind of electric instruments. It's very pleasing and breathtaking as you watch them playing, so unique and very talented.


I never expect this could happen, a personal experience of mine, something being stolen within our property. I thought, it's very rare here in Australia, it's no exception as well, everywhere there is always a thief.  Yes, someone did the trespassing in the front yard house. I knew a house in the next street who is also a victim of this, they're plants were stolen as well when they just transfer and live in their new house.  The same thing happen to us, our plants which is just almost new, the 4 pots of baby roses that was just blooming in the corner side of the house was stolen last Monday. They're choosy they didn't get the succulent plants instead my favourite roses.  Even the sack of potting mix was also taken by them, how rude and no conscience are those who steal them.  Lucky it's only a plants but even though it's still cruel to do such thing. 
Now, we had learnt a lesson of not leaving even a little valuable things outside the house. I suspect they will come back to grab the doormat if they can, it's more expensive than the roses (lol) If I'm going to buy jtm 45 reissue at guitar center and quickly leave it outside will they steal it too? I hope not, I'll surely watch out who are those culprit are, just to catch them.

Our plans before is just right to replace the fence, no wonder we keep pushing the project since day one we transfer in this house. Hopefully we can upgrade it very soon for the safety of our property.

These are the baby roses, I had 5 pots of them and they steal 4 pots, it's sad, they're my baby, I've watered them everyday and watch them grow as they start blooming flowers.  Last Monday after work when I'm going to water them, they're gone already.

November 26, 2013

Dondon Lanuza Story

Last weekend, I've watched an inspiring true to life story of an OFW from Saudi Arabia. His life and experience working and living in abroad. It's about the crime he did because of self defence only to escape from a disgusting behaviour of one of the local people. He was almost raped by the same sex, how cruel is that? Because he was from foreign country, the justice was a bit bias and the worst thing that happen  the Philippine embassy didn't help him at first or even not giving support and also they don't give him an immigration lawyer to help and justify his case to continue the hearing.  He was put into prison and no one to hang on. He was very scared when he heard he will be sentenced to death and be-headed. All he do is pray and pray hoping one day someone will help him and the family of the victim will forgive him. He became hopeless staying inside the prison for already 12 years, until he thought of writing to the prince of Saudi Arabia begging to kill him because it's been so many years and nothing happen to him and he is just useless and nothing to do.  But the prince replied nicely and give inspiring words to him, to wait for right time maybe one day he will be free out of prison.  And yes, with the help and negotiation of the Philippine and Saudi Arabia government he was dismissed and he was set free. 

What a miracle "he said" for having a second chance to have a new life and new beginning.  All of it he thanks God for listening and answering his prayers. Now he is starting a new life and coping the time he wasted in prison and spend most of it with his family.

November 10, 2013

Red and Gold

Last Friday night I was starting to assemble and decorate the Christmas tree with Christmas balls and other kinds of hanging décor. At first I was undecided which color of balls to hang, I was thinking to make it just one color this year but then it might be boring if only one color so I've made up my mind to decorate with the combination of red and gold.  

Even it's a bit late I try to finish it, I was so busy that hubby don't have the chance to disturb me.  He make himself busy watching an old Blu-ray movie tuning to a loud volume of the speaker, almost louder than the bass drums at musicians friend. I just ignore and let him enjoy his sounds while I'm also enjoying and excited to finish the Christmas decoration.
This is how it looks when I've used all the red and gold package decoration.


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