January 26, 2012

Aches and Pains of getting old

This morning as I'm going to the backyard I notice a bag full of goodies hanging on the kitchen door when I open.  MIL must dropped it here when she was with John visiting the chooks, inside were oranges and lemons, biscuit, crackers, chocolate and a note for my hubby.  It was so kind and generous of her to keep on showing the goodness to us. I don’t know how to repay her generosity but a simple thank you, helping her do some errands and recognition will make her happy. 

She is getting old now and sometimes complains of the aches and pains. She has a shoulder operation more than a year ago and she really suffers the disability of having one hand to work for 6 months.  Now, sometimes she says, she can’t do much or bend down because of back pain.  If laser treatment for back pain would cure and ease the pain it would be a good suggestion to her and she might 100% agree to undergo the treatment.

I wish her good health, less aches and pains and long life with less worry thinking of her old age.

January 24, 2012

Late sleep

Last night I had a very short hours sleep because of watching tennis very late and not good to wake up for a 6:00am shift at work.  Today, I’d finish work an hour past the mid day, head home straight with the thought of catching up a nap. Hmm I was used of going home after work and watch the new upload of Filipino drama series but sad it was finished last week, so unusual now.  I've succeed with my plan of having a peaceful and undisturbed nap this afternoon, it’s been a while I haven’t do it. I woke up hungry so I prepare dinner and it was nice and satisfying meal.

Now just relaxing in the bed watching tennis a bit, while browsing what's new on amt pumps at WeGotPumps.com as well as updating facebook is always on the list. I’m very good in multi-tasking hehe.

Very soon is bed time for me, I'm pass on watching late tennis tonight as tomorrow is another day to start early again.  Have a great night everyone.

January 17, 2012

Best Video Downloader

I've got most of the classic and new songs that I’m looking for in the net, not on other site but easy to find  on youtube. Sometimes if I remember some songs that I like to sing or listen, youtube is an automatic site that I can think of. It searchable, I can see the fantastic quality of videos or sometimes I like it when it has lyrics on the clip. I also get to download the songs and and my husband convert  to an mp3 for a collection in my usb to use in the car. My husband use the best youtube video downloader for some clips or songs we like and also I just copy him because everytime I saw him in the net he was there sitting and downloading his video clip collections.

So yes, the best to recommend video downloader is from Youtube, don't forget it.

January 12, 2012

Bike Rider

Last weekend, I’ve arrived home and I’d caught my hubby cutting the tree branches of the neighbour that is over hanging on our drive way. He's done a good job, it won't be annoying to our car roof by catching all the dry falling leaves and dirt of the birds. It looks wider and brighter around our place too.

As I get inside the backyard I’ve seen his motorbike freshly washed sitting under the sun, so shiny and looks brand new. He’s making himself busy and productive, that’s nice of him to do that often, he might plan to go out for spin around the block.  Since he had the bike I haven’t riden yet, he always tells me I need to get a helmet myself if I joyride with him or it's dangerous for me to ride in the main road, which is true.  I said to him he should get a new helmet and give his old one to me (wink). He then told me I have the permission to ride around the block only when I get my full-licensed hopefully early February this year.  I’m excited to drive the bike. I suggest to him if he get a new helmet choose the Scorpion exo-500, I've found it online the photo you can see below, it looks better and the quality is fantastic compare to the old one, it's very similar color and design as well. Does it looks cool?

Or if he can't buy soon he can get me a feminine style of helmet only the cheap ones, which is which as long as I have my own helmet and anytime I can ride on the closer shops.

January 3, 2012

Remembering the First Day

Today was the first day of work for the new year, I’m glad I’d finished work early and was the  first one to arrive at home. I was surprised when hubby arrives home, wake me up from an afternoon nap in the lounge chair, give me a lovely greeting and gave me a card. I wonder why? I thought it was a “sorry card” for making me upset the other day but to remind me it’s January 3, the memorable date when we had our first chat and the day we’ve met on lavalife. I was impressed by his memory, sometimes he can be the worst forgetful man I knew but he has some special thoughtfulness hidden in some ways, well done my love for remembering this day.

Its 7 years now that we are facing the life's challenge, excitement,sharing happiness and sadness, and learning from each other as we live our lives everyday together as a couple.  This coming March 8 was the day we exchange our vows and so proud to wear our wedding bands, is our 4th year anniversary.

I was sad because the day before he upsets me for some reason but now happy to remember this unforgettable day of our lives. Sometimes it doesn't mean if one is upset or there is an argument or an exchange of hurtful words because of anger sometimes you can think of silly thought that it would be the end of everything but nooo.. it's just a matter of dealing the situation and it will bind the two of us to  be more mature and responsible individual to live in sure foundation of marriage.

Now we are just sitting in the backyard gazing at each other and reminiscing all the happy memories that we've shared since then and now.


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