July 26, 2011


It was her, who always support, love, encourages and motivate us how to be responsible and hardworking in order to achieve the success in our lives. That’s my mother-in-law who is very thoughtful in every occasion, always drop some food in the house. I won’t ever forget in my life the gift she gave to me during our wedding. It was a gold necklace with a 9k or 14k gold cross pendant, I'm not sure.  I really treasure them as it counts the age of our marriage as well.  Last Saturday, I went to a party and wear the necklace, it’s been a while since I don’t wear it so I think it would be the best night to wear.

MIL gift to me, a necklace with a cross pendant.

One of the best traits I really admire to a person heart is the thoughtfulness. My real mum is very thoughtful and kind-hearted woman. I can say I’m like her, I want to treat my family and friend special by remembering them on their special day, I like to show my care and give a helping hand especially in times of need.

Are you one as well?

July 22, 2011

What a Coincidence

Today, I’ve visited a friend who just came from Philippines. She is having a holiday here for 6 months. She has been here 3 times in South Australia but never meet her before, she was a common friend of my friends who told me she was also in the same state. Actually, I’ve met here in our home town a couple of times and she’s been to our house once. Of how many states in Australia, what a coincidence that she was also going to live her in South Australia for good one day together with her partner. How it feels like in a country like this you know someone who came from the same town as mine in my homeland who is going to reside here soon. It’s just easy to get along or hang around with her because we have few common stories to tell about. We don’t need to know each other well or gaining the trust as a friend but we can get on well in anyways.

By the way, we only had a contact today on facebook and soon decide that we both meet, knowing the workplace of her partner was only 10-15 minutes away from my house or only 5 minutes from my work. Isn’t that cool?  She gave me the location of the workplace but not the exact address, I thought it was somewhere along the main highway but it isn’t. I drive slowly passing some steel buildings, looking the street number she told me and business name of the shop but I can’t see along the road. I was then lost, so I turn left on side street to pull over and look up on gps, lucky when I key in the business name it's registered. It was my guide to lead me straight to the right direction.

I saw her waiting for me outside the shop as I’ve told before I left the house and there it goes we had coffee,  a long chat about our common friends, the life in Australia and photo taking. It was a lovely day to spend some time with a friend.  It’s only the start, we will still keep in touch and hopefully we will see each other soon with our partners.

The Loyal Friends

Another old photo during my holiday last 2006, it was taken two days before I’ll leave Adelaide. They were the only friends of my hubby whom he keeps in touch for a meeting from time to time. I’ll describe them start from the right was my hubby, of course next is myself, beside me is Peter, a Greek friend he meet on gym and goes to exercise 4 times a week, the last guy from left is Derren, the one I would like to recommend to take apidexin diet pill to lessen his weight hehe. Both of them my hubby and him need to reduce also, what do you think? Anyway Derren is good, harmless and loyal friend of my hubby since they were kids.  The friend who always visits at home with out appointment or a call that he is coming. I am now used to what he is like, before it can be annoying.  He was the one who helps fix my car and if there is some fault on our lightings at home.  Actually last night he was here just for an hour.

Is your husband has many friends? My hubby has only had 4 friends in his life whom he hangs around. 

And it goes down

I was on the Racquets pub car park about to drive going home when I saw the sun setting down. As always can't escape not to take a photo if there is a chance. 

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July 21, 2011

Marriage Proposal

As I’m doing my general cleaning at home a month ago, I found an external hard drive of my hubby on the cabinet. It was a hard drive where he stored all his backup files, favorite collection of music and video clips and a compilation of picture folders of our photos since the day we first meet in person. 

I’ve checked the folder of my 2006 holiday here in Adelaide to refresh the memories especially it’s was a special moment and the best part of my holiday was I got engage with him.  It was January 17, 2006 when my hubby surprise me with his marriage proposal which I thought he won’t propose anymore because on my 3 months of vacation here, he only had the courage to propose 3 days before I’ll go back to the Philippines.  I was thinking maybe he don’t like me while we spend time together and knowing each other day by day huhuhu, but I was wrong our witness was his brother. I really don’t have idea of his plan, that’s why he act so strange on that day. He told me he was nervous to propose as it’s a big decision and commitment in his life, what a big mistake if he was just force himself to get engaged(lol). After watching as he utter the words “Will You Marry Me?” while shedding a tear on his eye, how sweet, I was so happy and my heart is beating so fast as he slowly put the solitaire diamond ring on my finger. 

But I was so unlucky that one of the precious and valuable things in my life like my engagement ring was lost.  Sometimes when I went shopping I like browsing on jewellery shops looking if there were some special sale of diamond engagement rings.  They were so expensive and I can’t find the exact design of my original engagement ring. I’m still hoping one day we will .replace it with something not so expensive, an ordinary ring but it will be extraordinary if I’m the one wearing it.

A simple way of his marriage proposal 

Look Alike

Today at Motor Registration office while waiting for my turn to be called to pay my P2 licence upgrade, I saw a familiar person whom I think she was a common Filipina friend. I’ve approached and asked if she was because she looks like one.  She smiles and answered no, I initiate a conversation if she know a friend of mine because I'm guessing if I’ve met her somewhere before and I was right. She was a classmate of my good friend on Retail course on Tafe. She then remembered me when I describe the day when we’ve met before on Marion Shopping Center, she is an Indonesian a nice and friendly lady.

She was finished renewing her car registration while it was just my turn. I don’t notice she is waiting for me while I’m on the process of my transaction.  I look back on her and ask if she is in hurry then suggest if it’s fine on her to have coffee in the shop across the road for a little chat and we talk about the idea of getting a life insurance online, I think it's good idea.  We did a little bonding and knowing a little bit with each other.  We agreed to catch up again on Tuesday for a karaoke as she likes to sing beside our house is not too far. Me, I’m just trying hard singer lol.  Hope we can be good friends.

July 20, 2011

Certified Nurse

My sister was now in Jeddah, it’s almost 7 months since she starts working there as a nurse on a private hospital.  All the fruit of her dedication and determination as a university student was now proven that she has the ability to share her knowledge and experience in the real world of helping patients in the hospital. Before she was just only dreaming to wear a hospital nurse uniform like what you can see in the image (just click the link to view http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/). Now, its a dream come true for her, well done my sister.

She was away from our family like me, it's good there were many Filipina nurses working in the hospital and living together in one building accommodation.  It's funny because in Middle East country you need to wear their traditional clothes everytime you go outside, even in hospital they wear the same but a white nurses uniform inside. Before she's very home sick living and working in a new world especially there is not much outdoor activities you can do, but I think she can manage now. Sometimes she feel sad and lonely but still lucky to get a better job and her wishes comes true of what she achieves now. 

Hope she is always safe and in good health. 

July 18, 2011

Face Painting

I was in the mall when I've passed a face painting class. I saw this girl already done her face painted, I thought of taking her a photo if she comes nearby. I'm on the way to exit the shop while she was there, there's a woman taking photos of her which I thought she was a stranger like me who's interested in photo taking, but it was her mother.  I saw that she can't get a proper photo looking at her hand were shaking which result to a blurry image.  I offer a hand to be the one to get the photo and after I took I'll send her the image through mms, she was happy. She also ask me if I have a daughter attending the class, hehe I replied "I'm just a shopper".

The girl who had her face painted, she is very pretty.

The assistant lady who wear butterfly costume, it looks very colorful and attractive.

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July 13, 2011

In the Air

These sky watch photo was taken last May 16, 2011 during my flight from Sydney to Philippines.

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July 9, 2011

Tablet Computers

I had my HTC Desire HD phone for 3 weeks now, I’m happy with the service it gives to me.  It’s very convenient, I can use it as a computer when I’m outside.  Everytime I arrive home, my hubby always ask me how’s my phone going or if I discover something new about it, like new applications or if I’m expert with the touch pad and everything.  I sometimes give it to him, so he can play or fiddle some settings that I haven’t touched so far.  He is a gadgets or electronics mania, it’s petty he has a company blackberry phone to deal everyday which is very good handset with many application and features as well but he can’t do much compare if he has his own phone to play with.

One night he was browsing about phones and he was directed on a site of tablet for pc, he then discover the new Blackberry 32GB Playbook. Have you seen the latest one? Here is how it looks like in the photo below.
My hubby is like getting excited if he saw some new updates, I think there are many queing up on his mind and what’s the next he is planning to buy. This new technology updates really have a massive impact to the people. Now anywhere, everywhere and whereever you can see people  just around the corner holding and playing phones like computer as a means of entertainment and connections to friends and love ones. You can count me as one.

July 8, 2011

New Lifestyle

The week is almost over, it’s been a good one for me.  It’s the second week of my morning shift and I like it. The time goes quicker in the morning without noticing my shift is almost finished.  Now, I can make schedule what I’m going to do when I finish as its only 1pm I’m already off, I have plenty of time till the night begins.

Sometimes, I don’t go home straight but stop by on a nearest shopping center just for browsing or if I'm tempted I can buy things I really don’t need. I sometimes think of what to prepare for dinner and experiment cooking a meal. I also think of catching up some friends which I haven’t seen in ages. 

So last Wednesday, after I’ve finished my shift I had the chance to meet my good friend on my fish shop work. I haven’t seen her for a few months already due to different shift in our work schedule.  Before, I always work with her most of the week when I don’t have my second job.  But now we hardly seen each other, so this week was a good chance to catch up and update each others lives as it was her day off.  Especially she knew I just came from a holiday which was a good subject to talk about.  It was raining that time when I’m about to go to her house, I was thinking if I’ll go or not.  If I postpone she may not be happy or I don’t know when will be the perfect time we can catch up or re-schedule the meeting. In order not to disappoint her I still go even the weather is not very good.  It’s a pleasure to see her again for a long time and had updates on what’s happening on our lives and work as well since I was away for more than a month.  It’s a lovely day to have spent a few hours with her, I was happy.

I still have some friends I haven't catch up when I was doing night shift. I hope I can make up and plan for to meet them one at a time.  I can now sense that life would be fantastic, more active and a healthy lifestyle as the way life goes on. 

July 2, 2011

Hatchback Cars

What’s on my mind these days?  Is thinking about Car, after my holiday that’s what on my mind and my plan to replace the old Mazda 121, my 20 year old baby that I don’t want to get rid but I need to one day. It has a few parts to repair and replace which is not worth as its life is too old to keep on going.  If you remember six months ago that’s my original plan but has no exact date only when to get the replacement. I had a few cars which I like those hatchback types of car, it fancy me and I find them a good size car for me.

If ever I make up my mind and make decision to commit of buying, I have a few selections of used or demo cars.  The Toyota Yaris, Hyundai Getz, Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta, Holden Barina, Susuki Swift, Alto or whatever automatic, airconditioning and hatchback type that has low kilometres, in good condition and the car to suit  my budget.

 My favourite really is Mazda 2 Neo, I like the sparkling metallic green color. 

 Goodluck to my my car searching.  I hope it won’t take a long time until I get one.

At Noodle Kingdom

It's Saturday, it's been raining whole day.  It's my day off and as always weekend day off of my hubby. Of course if day off it's house cleaning if we are not going anywhere on day time.  I'm busy cleaning the spare bedroom and ironing clothes while hubby was busy washing clothes. What a nice team work, isn't it!  We finish most of the chores late afternoon, I'm tired and hungry but happy knowing everything was organized and a good atmosphere to live and walk around the house.  

After all,  I suggest to my hubby that we should have dinner outside in consolation of doing chores at home, we did very well I guess. We went to our usual Asian restaurant the Noodle Kingdom in the city market.  We had the chance to occupy the table in front view of the aquarium, while waiting for the order I already give a few snap shots of different variety of fish using my phone, how I love looking at them, it's very relaxing.

Here are some photos of the fishes, can you identify or name each of them? According to my research these are the names below the photos:

Comet fish

Oranda Goldfish

Oranda Goldfish

Veiltail Goldfish

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