June 27, 2011

Being Independent

Let’s talk about money!!!!

Living here in Australia is not too bad infact, it’s a nice country to live with, as long as you are working and earning money there won’t be a problem in living. There is no borrowing or asking money to a friend or family member which is good thing, maybe if they really in need parents will lend them.  Usually everyone is not dependent to their families or friends in regards of money matter.  They work very hard to support themselves in anyways if possible, I observe here even some children will do some cleaning around the house to get a pocket money.  "My hubby explain to me" the parents do that to their children sothat they'll know the value of money and how hard it is to save. So spend wisely is the essence of money.

If a person or family is on emergency and in financial incapability there is also an easy personal loan in a bank or other financial institution where you can borrow money in an emergency situation. 

What I mean here is there are some places that people are just lazy to find work but only depend on their parents or relatives support to live an easy life.  They must be responsible for themselves and get a job to support their own life and family one day.

June 25, 2011

To do or not to do?

It’s Saturday, I want to finish my blog tasks but my brain is empty, I hope it will work soon.  I’ve had a few hours slept only from last night tennis watching and net browsing.  I want to hop out of bed as laundry washing is waiting but I had a lazy bum (lol) very chilly if I try to get out of the blanket and of course outside. What to do? Hahaha staying in bed is my evil thoughts now waaah  but no no no I’ll defeat the evil…I’ll just warm up myself and start doing something.

Its good FIL has been on industrial pumps shops to get something to fix the water leaks and motor problem this week, I can now laundry without worrying of water leaks and blablabla. 

Btw, I think its brunch time and chores will begin….cleaning is fun…And more fun in the afternoon too, going to catch up with a friend is great.


Last night, I slept alone at home, hubby has an overnight business gathering with his colleagues somewhere out of town.  I was all alone huhuhu, I feel sad and a little scare as we are very close to cemetery (lol) but then happy as I can watch tennis all night without him telling me to go to bed early and no one to flick the channel always.  I’ve enjoyed my own company, a quality time for myself, a few things I’ve learned reading and net surfing which brought me to steel drums at drumsofsteel.com and few more sites. 

After watching tennis, I’ve stayed online it was really the best time killer. I only wait until I get sleepy and was off to bed so late. 

June 21, 2011

Better Education & Employment

Looking for jobs? Just log online at san diego jobs, anyone from around the world can apply for a  better career path. Everyone are all welcome, only fill the following information and it's one step closer to a good life.  What is now in demand on job market is through your education, if you have that employment will be the one looking for you. You can select any places you want to go;  aside from career they also offer higher quality education. 

Check it out to learn more and be a successful person to get an employment.

June 18, 2011

Productive Member of Society

I was really amazed how jobs were distributed here in Australia.  They don’t discriminate anyone on job matters.  No matter of how the age, nationality or even disable person who only depends their living on disability insurance benefit from government. They can also work on company that has disability program; one I always notice was the workplace on the corner of the road around the house. It’s just amazing despite their physical appearance and mental disability they are motivated and encourage themselves to be a productive member of the society instead of staying at home doing nothing. 

I’m so proud of them indeed, they are a big help of the country.

Movie Time

We just finish our dinner, I was very full.  It’s time to relax and wait for movie time soon.  My hubby was still busy connecting the ps3 cable and installing the new upgrade of ps3 hard drive while watching monster moves.

I think we will watch after an hour, I’ll wait until he finishes watching tv.  It’s good for me as well, I can update my facebook and chat with my friends while blogging. 

How about you? What's your plan for the night? 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Fun Saturday

It’s my first weekend here and it's my day off. I was lucky to just rest and do some house chores.  I woke up a bit late as always but then was well motivated enough to get up early than I use to have.  I had many things to clean up and tidy at home after a month of holiday.  Like the leaves in the front yard that my hubby swept and a few pile left on the ground which looks like a mountain.  So I start putting them on a bin as my way of exercise in the morning.(lol)

My hubby was on the electronic shop at that moment to buy ps3 hdmi cable to connect on television. As his approach on the drive way I told him to give me a hand putting all the leaves in the bin, he was happy to do so. Almost the job is finish but we notice the bin was already full, no choice but to stop and continue till the garbage truck next week will empty the bin. 

It’s a fun day I guess, after cleaning we went to Asian shop for some grocery then go back home to cook for dinner. It's movie time soon...yaayy

Law firm Expert

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You can also try to visit them online for you to know how they work with clients and how many cases they win.  

June 17, 2011


It’s amazing how technology influences the people, isn’t it? Every time there’s new upgrades and new release in the market everyone are really curious and wants to buy the product. Like computers, mobiles, gadgets and other electronic products.  Are you that kind of person? Hmm I’m not really, but my hubby is.  I know some of friends are same as well, but of course if it makes them happy then go for it.    

Sometimes it’s not only influences the people but of course the company, one is the hospital for example, the more technology upgrades the better service it gives to the patient.  In medication performance high-tech equipment are the reliable sources like the point of care carts machine they use in ultra-sound room or laboratory for faster and best medical result.

Technology has its advantage and disadvantage it’s only up to what extent the usage and how you live with it.

June 16, 2011

First Day

Today is my first day in Adelaide, it was freezing and a lazy day for me only, haven’t unpack my suitcase yet until now. I just stay all day inside the house and have a long nap in the afternoon. I was caught by my hubby still asleep when he got home.  He surprise me a birthday card only(lol) and as well as hand in to me the card which his mum dropped by earlier in the backyard table, she can’t be bothered knocking the door as she thinks I’m a sleepy head, so she don’t mind disturbing me at all, that’s nice of her.

I ring her to say thank you and asking how’s life after a month of not seeing or visiting her.  She seems not well and just told me to ask my hubby what’s happening about her.  So, I talk to my hubby regarding his mum condition and my hubby start talking that MIL doesn’t feel well, complaining about her heart, shoulder is hurting and other unusual feeling due to old age maybe.  Hubby told she might undergo proper medical check up like ecg or another shoulder operation, she only let her right shoulder completely healed and then do the left one.

Hope she will feel great after she will undergo everything about her health issue. Goodluck to you MIL, everything will be fine, we're always here for you.

June 15, 2011

It's Over

Holiday was finished.  It seems I need more but time has limits.  I had lots of fun and enjoyed my stay. Sadly my grandma died unexpectedly during the vacation, it’s the moment we had the chance to meet and had a great bonding with all our family, relatives and friends from different places.

One of my holiday plans was to repair and improve my parent’s house like to fix the roof ceiling; cable covers of internal wiring, wall painting and other stuff to look the house tidy. I had completely caught up with all my good friends and classmate in high school which I didn’t meet during my last year vacation.  

It was all successful, I had a great time and a fantastic holiday.

Natal Day

Guess what’s happening tomorrow? It’s only just my birthday not to mention the age only.(wink)

Today, I just came backed in Adelaide from a month vacation in the Philippines.   It was an excellent holiday ever though my family were wishing I’ll celebrate my birthday there but my schedule date doesn’t permit me to be there.  How I wish I was still there but all is cool and no more drama.

 I don’t really have plans on my birthday just a thought from my family and friends would make my day special.  As well as hoping my MIL would remember the day and plan to have fancy birthday strawberries cake toppings like the favorite pavlova cake she always give me.  I would love it or if not I can either buy it on cake shop. 

I’m  just wishing all the best in my life, my  health and my family.

Planning Ahead

Are you planning of getting a life insurance? Well, I will and everyone would also say they will.  It’s really best idea and decision you can make in your life; it’s the right option especially thinking the future of children.  It can guarantee the financial security of your family in case some unfortunate circumstances will happen, we may not pray for that but wether we like it or not we are heading towards that direction.

There are many term life insurance rates you can compare and chose to get.  It’s affordable only and you don’t worry of your families’ future.   

Opening of School Year

I had a nephew who will be in grade 2 in this school year.  The classes had started last June 6 but a week before that she doesn’t have a new uniform yet due to hectic schedule of the family and everyone was busy due to grandma’s death, so it was not given importance at that time. 

I had the chance to go to the mall a week before the school opening for some shopping of my own stuff I need to bring back in Adelaide. I also include buying her uniforms and shoes while I’m shopping, not the notebook only.  While on the mall I notice a crowd of shoppers, especially parent with their kids who are running errands for the materials and requirements needed before the school opening.  So how about those in the universities? I’m sure they have a few requirements as well like the nurses uniforms for nursing students, each must be required to wear during their practice and on-job training period.

I’m just recalling my school days now not about studying (lol) but all the fun and laughs we had shared from grade school till I graduate on college.  There are many memorable and embarrassing moments we encounter and always reminisced and never been forgotten until now.

June 10, 2011

1 year old IPod mania

Back in Adelaide, I remember my Filipina friend’s daughter named Aria who was given an ipod on the age of 8 months or so.  They transfer residence on Canberra due to the workplace of her husband but still remain their permanent house in Adelaide. I’ve heard about her daughter for being so clever and smart girl. They spend Christmas vacation on Adelaide to be with their families, relative and catching up with some friends, I’m one of them.  I’ve visited their house and had the chance to play with her daughter, I really can’t believe a more than year old girl can play games and music using iPod. How clever she is, the mum was so proud of her and of course his dad.  Once her mum told her to keep the ipod away for a moment as we are inside the church but she won’t and feel upset instead fiddling the iPod cover which was almost going to tear apart so what the mum does to keep her happy was just reduce or totally silent the volume.   The next time we've met again I saw a cool iPod accessory on the little girls iPod, how cool is that for a year old daughter.

This is Aria now she's two year old

June 9, 2011

Surprise Holiday

Last May 16 was the day I step on the plane to spend a month vacation with my family in the Philippines.  Everyone was surprised with my visit especially my family as I only told them two days before my flight date. Usually I tell them a month before or earlier than that if I’m planning for a holiday.  They’re so happy and excited on my vacation but with a few question why it was an announced.  I’ve spent overnight in Manila to meet my brother and make our flight together on Bacolod City, our home town

It was May 17, a coincidence day of arrival and it was grandpa’s death anniversary. My mun invited most of   my aunt who and cousin who are within the city to get together for a lunch celebration and my surprise arrival.  It’s a good bonding on the first day with lots of queries why I don’t have baby yet as they're looking forward for me to have a baby, how’s life and all the blaablaablaa about me.  They also told me I look skinny than my last year holiday. I was thinking as if I’m  just taking adipozin to loss a bit of weight, but I'm not.

After we had our lunch we all separate with each other and my families go home straight on our town.


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