August 21, 2011

As Usual on Saturday

After we’ve finished the chores, hubby does some maintenance on his car and I’ve changed myself to practice driving the car around the block just to get used of the steering wheel and brakes driving control. It happened on my first round, my in-laws visit and MIL wants me to give her a ride to know how it feels like and she will compare to her car. Not on the major road were you can see some business establishment, shops and metal buildings because it is a busy road always but just on the minor road around the suburb where it’s peaceful and away from harm.

In the afternoon we went to Asian shop to buy my Filipino products supplies then buy some take away dinner on Chinese Restaurant. We had special fried rice, honey chicken and steaks with cashew nuts, yummy dinner. After that relaxing and to end the night we watch movie, the 22 Bullets.

We had a fabulous Saturday and the best Sunday ever. I’ve tell about it on my next entry.

Weeds Killer

During Saturday, if I’m not working or not going out anywhere, I always do the general cleaning inside the house. My hubby was the one who does the laundry and some outdoor maintenance.  Yesterday was a tiring and busy but productive day for us, we’ve done very well with all the household chores.  While I was cleaning inside the house, I was wondering what hubby was doing aside from waiting the washing to be hanged, I saw him spraying the weeds in the backyard. I was surprise because before he has a 2 litre sprayer bottle only but when I saw him he is holding a 10 litres container.  He told me, he don’t like refilling it often when he feels like spraying the weeds in the front and backyard, that’s why he got a big one, he is improving hehe.  After he spray the weeds he mower the backyard lawn. What a nice day to have that kind motivation, that’s hard work for him lol usually his gadgets first before everything.  I was happy and seem he is enjoying with the result he did on house maintenance this weekend.

I always told him you are always the main character on my blog and I always talked about you. I said I don't like it but I don't have choice because my world is in you.hahha he just laugh and told me silly...poor hubby I always pick on him on my blog. He knows I'm joking only and that's what he likes sometimes, my humor...

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August 20, 2011

Toasted Ham Sandwich

I had an afternoon to 8pm shift today and my hubby pick me up when I was finished. I told him if we could just have toasted ham sandwich only for dinner as I don't have time to cook, he is expert on making sandwich so I always leave it up to him. Yaaay it's like we had a toasted ham sandwich party for dinner, I didn’t expect he had made like 10 sandwiches, he must be hungry that he ate like 7 hahaha, it’s funny. I should take photos suppose, I really forget about it.  Next time, we should buy takeaway proper meal for dinner.

After dinner I grab my laptop, sit on the lounge while updating facebook and hoping we will watch a movie this evening. But we don’t, I notice some new stuff on the table, hubby got a new wireless keyboard and gave to me a cushion portable desk for laptop. Haha he always do that, if he buy a new stuff, he should please me as well sothat I won’t get angry that he waste his money for computer accessories only. It would be nice if he gave me jewelry making supplies instead of all this accessories around, I'm not really picky (lol), but you get that. I’ll just be thankful at least I can’t feel the heat on my lap everytime I’m using the laptop.

Anyway, enough of complaining hehe, lately I just enjoy my life and don’t mind somethings that will make me worry and stress.  We still have a good night bonding by just watching some music and video clips in the lounge. Nice laugh and giggles makes our night wonderful.

August 18, 2011

Only Girl Friend

I remember a month ago, I’ve got a letter from mailbox a baby shower invitations. It was sent by the only girl friend of my hubby who will be having a baby shower party.  I just told my hubby about it, but I doubt if we are going.  I like those kinds of party suppose, I once attend it to my friend’s baby shower and I enjoy it.  But because hubby is anti-social and a snob person who likes to stay home only so we don’t go, even he was invited before by the same friend on her wedding but grrrr it’s just annoying if I think about it.

But all is good, I had a chat with his friend on facebook and she understands our absence because she knew how my husband’s way of thinking.  Hopefully we will catch up one day if all are available. If I remember I last saw her last 2009, it’s been ages and she’s just around corner.

We are looking forward to see her before she will gave birth.

Boys and their toys

Today when I got home from work my hubby was already home. He bet me to arrive first (lol), usually every Thursday I was the one who arrive home first and him maybe after an hour.  I forgot he told me this morning he has a training to attend somewhere concerning about work so he finish early.  He was so busy when I arrive, he was fiddling with his computer and organizing some of his stuff to put into places.  I notice he already transfer his main server computer on the lounge connecting to the tv, transferring his portable speakers to his dual monitor in the computer room and keep his other lcd monitor taken from main server.

If I don’t see him fiddling his car or scooter, he was on the computer room.  Sometimes I can’t stand with him hehe, always gadgets and toys if he was at home and sometime don't want to be disturbed (lol). But you know what? I’m thankful if that's what he do on his spare time, rather than I will know he was out somewhere drinking alcohol in the pub and get drunk when going home.  I’m lucky if he is like that on his way, but not too much concentration only and balance his life, like his toys and me haha, I mean our married life.

It’s like us woman we like to go shopping, buy shoes, bags, jewelries, clothes etc. hehe. It’s fun and makes us happy, like man electronics and gadgets makes them manly and they enjoy spending their time on it.

August 17, 2011

Split Shift

Do you know what is a split shift mean? I just happen to know yesterday when I was asked to work.  It was explained to me as a shift in a day to work the first few hours and a gap after a minimum of 3 hours to work for another shift. That’s what I did today, one of the staff is unable to work so I cover her shift.  I had my own shift from 8:30am-12:30pm after that I came back to work from 5:30-9:30pm.  It’s not really a good shift for most of the employee maybe, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to do it, I don’t have some other things to do anyway. It helps my department and it benefit me as well to earn extra. If I don’t feel like, then I will refuse next time.  

So today after my first shift, I don’t know what to do with the 4 hours vacant time.  I can’t fix my mind if I'll go home, go to the mall or catch up my friend if she is available. I was decided to visit my friend, we meet halfway for a coffee, window shopping on Harbourtown and buy some grocery for her kids pack lunch at school.  We queue on  self-serve check-out machine as it can be quicker sometimes, while helping her scan the items I notice her son is trying to pick an item and swipe it on barcode scanner machine, he amuses himself thinking he can play with it and he may like the sound. I even assist him to scan properly as I know he is enjoying, after we finish we separate our ways. I go back to work just on time, it was a long and tiring day for me, I enjoy the shift though and had fun working with my team member as well as I’m happy for the unplanned meeting with Joan and Donna.

Now, I’m feeling so tired and waiting to fall asleep. I’m like vegetable now so stuffed and have sore legs. Hope to have a goodnight sleep.

Tomorrow is another day to live again and to be thankful for the new blessings to come.

August 14, 2011

It's a Date

Today is another lovely day we had spent outside. We went to Handorf, a small town in Adelaide which is 30 minutes out of the city, it is one of the tourist spot in Adelaide. It was a small village settled by Lutherian migrants and was apparently influenced by Germans. Aside from Asian, local restaurants you can see a few German restaurants and building was built long time ago.

There are lots of people today that we hardly find a parking space. We had a nice lunch on a Japanese restaurant for a change.  After that we start our walks and browse around, a good exercise walk on a beautiful sunny day.  We enter into an art gallery museum and had a quick look on some interesting German arts and crafts. 

I also had taken some photos as we are walking and entering on some shops.  We’d entered into a clock shop and saw some unique designs of wooden wall clocks, souvenirs items, some cute holiday cards and an old classic musical box that operates only when you turn the handle and you can hear the sweet sound of the music box. Have you seen it before? I've tried myself turning the handle as what hubby instructs me and it's quite amusing.  I had my fun around, taking some photos of vintage cars, big bikes and others.

I had an interesting and amusing day together with my hubby.  I called it as our date today.  We both enjoyed and was so happy.

The South Australian Garden of Remembrance

Some photos I've tooked yesterday around 5pm from Centennial Park cemetery. It was private cremated graves of South Australian soldiers who died during war. I'd thought it's just a simple grave but when I'm almost inside it was beautiful place to look around. I was alone when I enter but I can't continue further all the way down the place taking photos because I'm a little bit scare to move on(lol). I return to the car park to invite my hubby and encourage him to accompany me inside as I was scare, he had a laugh on me. Lucky, I didn't have a hard time to  encourage him. We went inside step by step admiring the place and the design of simple water falls and fountain they have made. The walls standing were created as a cremated grave back to back of how many thousands dead soldiers.

Here are the series of photos from SA Garden of Remembrance:

As you notice some shade of trees leaves and branches on some photos has a color yellow for MYM entry

The plaque of written history of the cremated bodies in the garden

Behind the reflection pool stands the plaque history

Pool water drops endlessly and flows till the end part of the garden

My hubby reading the history of the garden

From the Reflection pool, water flows about 300 meters length until end fountain

The close up view of the cremated grave wall

Hubby assuming that he is a ghost in the garden hehe
Every wall has its garden, I saw this one lot of garden that has only grown a lily flower
In the middle is a shade haouse where there is a diamond shape fountain that also connects from the reflection pool fountain that flows till the end.
Closer view of the diamond fountain, there are 3 round metals which has an engrave and symbolize of something I think which I didn't pay attention what it was written there.
A few steps from the shade house you reach the end where there is another round fountain that spins forever.

The end fountain looks like

From the end view
Distance view from the end to the front of the grave house
From the middle to the front

Thanks for your time and hope you enjoy watching the garden of remembrance photos.

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August 13, 2011

Afternoon Delight

The decision making for car choices was already made up, I commit to get a Mazda 2 car. So starting tonight, I won’t worry browsing cars online looking for possible options of what car to get. 

This afternoon was really a fantastic day for us. After we left on Mazda car yard, hubby and I went for a quick spin on Brighton beach as always just feeling the fresh air blowing and relax for a short time. Before we plan to go home we’ve passed along Glenelg beach also just for a look out what’s going on there.

As we are going to approach the house, I’ve suddenly told my hubby to drive straight ahead on cemetery, I'm not really bossy lol I just feel like I am.  I feel like taking photos of interesting spot that I haven’t taken photos before anywhere inside the cemetery.  I told him it’s been a while since we don't visit the cemetery, it's huge place and not scary to visit always lol, it's a nice place for relaxing as well just behind our house anyway. I've discovered and had took a few photos of South Australian Garden of Remembrance, an Australian war graves of SA soldiers. I'll post the photos next time only. 

It was really a terrific day, now just chillin at home while reading online about hcg weight loss program and hubby is having his private time watching video clips on computer and soon it's movie time for us.

Hope everyone are having a wonderful weekend.

August 12, 2011

Dramatic Sky

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August 10, 2011

Earthmoving Services

One night, I've heard my hubby was chatting on phone for a quite a while but I can’t recognize who he was talking with. I was just thinking it was his workmate as always chatting about some concerns regarding work.  When he finished, he told me it was an old friend Gabby whom he didn’t meet for a year or so.  I’ve met him twice only when we visit on his house ages ago.  He was planning to have self-employed business the last time we saw him.  Now, he was engaged on a hard garbage removal using big truck and heavy equipment like backhoe loader. He work as a contractor on house building and it’s nice to know it was doing very well.

He told my hubby that he is going to create a website regarding Adelaide earthmoving services sothat he can gain more clients.  I’ve told my hubby that there are many web hosting plan he can check online for a cheap value per month.   As a starting business online he really needs an expert to help him set up everything from the scratch on how to create and manage the site.

I hope his friend will visit the web hosting company online and will follow the steps which my hubby suggest to him to be a website host.  I would love to hear one day that his online business will become popular and will success in the future.

Slide and Climb

Children enjoying a climb and a fun slide on shopping center tiny playground.

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August 8, 2011

Coupons discount

Have you tried shopping online? If not, there is one shop you can visit online, it’s very safe to browse, you save time and money through its coupons deals and is offering special discount on every item you purchase. It’s very easy and hassle free shopping, just click the free download menu when you are in the website and it will give you the best shopping experience online.They have massive daily specials through coupons discount which easy to find because they just drop down on your browser, once you see the coupons just click it and use the coupons codes to apply in your shopping cart and you'll get the discount instantly. 

Bar Hopping

Yesterday, my friend Donna invites me to go out, instead of meeting halfway on Glenelg Beach she told me to meet her on a repair shop nearby my house. She was with her husband and son that time as they’re picking up the camping caravan (not the new york swing sets) that was newly painted. 

After that we went to Glenelg Beach for a drink or two, a lovely ladies chat of any topic makes as feel good. We did the bar hopping mode, from Dublin-Stamford-Jetty Bar-a dinner to Urban Indian restaurant on Henley Beach Road then continue our drink on Highway Inn.  It was so fun, even only just the two of us we can manage our company and enjoy ourselves on that evening.  We're both tired and the time is over for our fun so we settle ourselves to safely drive on Donna’s house where my hubby is going to pick me there. 

It was really an awesome night.

August 5, 2011

Cave Diving

My hubby and I recently watched Sanctum movie, another thrilling and heart-breaking true to life story mainly about father and son relationship.  It was an adventure of a team of divers to explore the cave from the topside and under the cave camp by using video conferencing as their means of communication but unfortunately unpredicted storm has develop which destroy the technology. I like their videochatting program, if it's on company business meeting I can call it MegaMeeting video conferencing.

Anyway, the storm causes so much damage and a portion of the cave system collapse, trapping the remaining divers below and some didn't survive, felt  sad watching because it seems they won't all survive as the water level quickly rising. The group attempt to find an exit route through the unexplored depths of the cave, in the hopes of finding a path that leads to the sea. The father and son survived exiting the cave and realize how important family was to them. Always remember to "forgive and forget"the hatred is the value I've learned from the story.

In the end only the son survive, it made me cry, so touching..

You can see the official video trailer on my other blog.

August 4, 2011


It was during our weekend drive to Brighton beach as we are going to approach the roundabout intersection. We love to visit this beach especially if summer we often come here even sometimes walk on the jetty or sit on the beach front bench while watching people holding binocular scopes to view far objects and interesting things to look at around, it would be nice to have one myself. 

Talking about roundabout, have you ever find it difficult to drive through during your learner stage? I've heard to others and to myself as well based on my experience in my driving lesson during my practice is one of the most difficult part of the road test. It is hard for me to learn perfectly especially if it was the roundabout on the minor street, the road is narrow.  At first a bit confusing especially if the 4 sides has car, I don't know which car to give way first, if not careful accident can occur on this road. The rule to pass the test is not to touch the kerb while driving or exiting the roundabout, I was failed how many times on my learning but I was lucky on my final test I did it well and pass.  I can say that everyone must pass the hurdle inorder to success the test.

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