February 28, 2011

Car Maintenance and Check-up

Last Saturday when I got home from work, a few minutes only my hubby was on rush changing clothes. Soon he told me he’s going to auto repair shop before it will close to get a new windscreen wiper handle rubber for his car. It’s going to rain that afternoon so he need to install back again before the rain comes.  I’ve heard about Chicago auto repair has fantastic offer and service, pity we are in Australia.

In the evening we had a quick spin around and visit the car yard just on the corner of our suburb to inspect some new cars displayed which may interest me like a Toyota Camry or it can be a hatchback type of any car. My hubby just stay in the car while I was browsing around, when I get inside the car, he said while waiting for me the  check engine light came on and he hops out the car and open the bonnet if there is something wrong. But for goodness sake when he had checked everything is fine when he starts the engine again it's back to normal.

February 25, 2011

Sharing Is Caring

Thursday is my day shift on fish shop and last night we came from MILs house because my hubby was called to operate the dvd player so I'm the chaperon hehe. MIL has an old copy of family video during 1980’s lifestyle of her parents and siblings.  Actually, it’s not a video when it plays it was a slideshow photos of an old time memories and were copied to share to relatives. It’s doesn’t take long so we also had the chance to watch and I saw some of the family member of my hubby on his mum’s side that I haven't seen in person.

After finish watching MIL makes us coffee and later give something to me, a multivitamins and a moisturizing cream that she bought before but was not used yet. I’m lucky hehehe, everytime she gave me little things I'm so thankful and appreciate them.  If not beauty products, she gave me some stuff like bags and some foods for us, or new drink she discover new in the market.  That’s kind of her sharing to us.

When I got home, I put aside the stuff she gave and have a quick read of the cream she gave. It’s good it has an ingredient of something I like, a sort of acne scar cream also. It will help prevent scar of my tiny pimple I had from sleeping so late. Anyway I can now have a good night sleep on time in the following nights because finally last night we finish the whole episodes of Terminator.

February 24, 2011

Gadget Collections

The other night, my hubby called me to come to the backyard because he wants to show something.  He has a new gadget again another collections of his toys, it’s a laser the legal type which the government permits. He is playing and showing the different features of lighting effect in the dark.lol  I thought he bought it online again but not at this time his mate at work needs money and it was sold to him. Before he kept or hide it to me if he had some new toys, because I don’t like when he is buying unnecessary things especially sometimes they can be expensive electronics gadgets, computer or scooter parts. But the more he hide the sooner I found them which makes him feel guilty of not telling me especially the expensive one. 

He likes to stay in the computer searching and browsing new stuff that interest him. One night he was browsing into an office supplies store because he is looking for a printer ink, which also sell xerox toner, all brands of printer cartridge and all kinds of office supplies.

Anyway, I’ll just always expect some parcel on the mailbox and never mind the hobby of my hubby buying new things online, until one day he will run out of money to buy.lol

February 23, 2011

Lack of Sleep Effects

It’s more than a week now since we continue watching the episodes of Terminator series (The Story of Sarah Connor Chronicles).  Almost every night my hubby and I watch together and enjoying the story and scenes of the movie. We like to watch science and fiction movie, so machines and robots don’t bother on us. Especially the original movie was played by Arnold Schwarzenegger who is the favorite actor of my hubby. And even he is dreaming the body of Arnold during his time as an actor and play in popular movies.lol

We really enjoy most evening, we slept past midnight and enjoying our company having snacks and cuddles on the lounge while watching.  But watching so late and go to be late has bad effect on me but not on my hubby.  The other night I feel something is growing on my face, a pimple or an adult acne as we called.  I know it’s due to lack of rest and not sleeping on time. That’s the joy of watching, they said “No pain, No gain” but no worry aside, I know it will just come and go soon. I will find solution to get rid of this pimple quickly, I'm hoping so.

Anyway we still have more episodes left to watch  I'm not sure if we can finish this weekend or maybe next week, it’s not a rush though only a matter of our time to spare. 

February 19, 2011

Losing weight

The last time we went to MIL:’s house for a visit, she told me I’m losing weight as if I’m taking the best weight loss supplement that overweight person were aiming and dreaming on their bodies. I’m a skinny type and even I want to gain weight but it’ hard to for me because it’s how my bone structure was built. My hubby said” my height and weight are just proportion so I don’t need to worry of gaining weight or I look so skinny. At least my hubby is the one making me feel great, who else then?lol

But these days, I can notice that I really lose tiny weight, I don’t like it .  It’s maybe the stress or challenge in my life that I thought I can rest and escape for some days, I think everything flows according to what I want. But expect the unexpected, they just surprise me with no warning and preparation. 

Life can be complicated, full of mystery and surprises, it is how we deal on it and I just always told myself, it was given to me because I can handle it, I complain sometimes but it's just natural feeling . I can't think of any challenges that I haven't surpassed yet so I keep on myself the positive attitude of "I Can Do It" and always ask guidance and protection of Almighty God is important thing.

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February 16, 2011

Whole Series of Dvd's

Last Saturday, I’ve asked hubby what we can do for the night after dinner and he said we could watch a dvd movie on the lounge, that what we usually do in the weekend night or sometimes have our peace and quite time alone.  I’ve told him if were going to rent a dvd, he will just call me in the bedroom to go with him so we can choose what to get.  But after few minutes, he told me the movie will start soon, I said how come? I don’t like to watch the old ones we had watched before, sometime if we can’t be bothered to rent we only watch the dvd’s at home how many times.lol  But that night, he came inside the bedroom and show a dvd to me, I thought it’s another dvd games for his gaming computers  that he collects, but this time a collection of dvd complete series of Terminator (The Sarah Connor Chronicles). It’s 9 disc of the complete episodes I think 5 hours each disc. We had watched some series of episodes in the television every Wednesday night before but only the first series and we are not able to watch continuously until the end. So glad, he bought the whole series, since then it’s been 4 days we are watching like 2 episodes every night this week and we still have 4 disc to finish, not sure when we complete watching yet.

After I finish my night shift work, I can’t wait to go home and for an hour or 2  to continue watching the next episode and excited to know what will happen at very end. We always go to sleep past midnight because of watching.

February 14, 2011

Fly Trap

Yesterday afternoon, hubby was in the backyard watering the plants, while I am preparing dinner in the kitchen  but every other time also I go to the backyard watching him. I had noticed the fly trap he bought last weekend hanging on the back door wall. I saw there are so many flies trapped inside. It's good idea because flies can be annoying flying around, especially I don't like when they get inside the house.  My hubby said" try to smell the liquid it's has nice scent. I'm not ready to smell because I keep coming back inside the kitchen to check my cooking, when I get back I smell it. My gosh, he trick me it smells so bad like a dead animal hiding for so long somewhere, so disgusting. I told him off, I was like vomiting as I really devour when I'm smelling which goes into my stomach when I'm inhaling. He is so mean, its grose he likes to see my reaction after smelling waaah Instead of ruining the day I just forget and never mind, it will cause argument only hahaha. He had his fun on me, he told me" the other day he had a smell and it's disgusting, the color of the liquid looks deceiving and you may think it has a nice scent.lol The odor doesn't smell if your near or it is not scattering around the area unless you really put your nose and smell it in purpose.

Fly Trap

Look how many flies trapped inside? The liquid will last for a month after changing to a new one. 

Please click here to view photos of Mellow Yellow Monday and Blue Monday

February 11, 2011

Any Idea what gift to buy on Valentines Day for a partner?

What occasion is coming on Monday? It’s Valentines Day, an affair of the heart that most lovers, couples, partners are excited and looking forward to celebrate. I wonder what each partner are planning to do, it would be romantic and special night to celebrate.  Sometimes, if your married it’s not too exciting but still a little bit of effort and giving importance to a husband or wife would be very much appreciated and a sign of thoughtfulness. 

Are you planning any special for the day? For us, I don’t know what we will be doing yet, if we plan of something it would be a dinner maybe.  My hubby sometimes is not very romantic but sweet in some ways hehe, he has hidden surprises only that sometimes I may think I was taken for granted. Last year I remember, we went for an hour drive to Victor Harbor and visit some of the scenery and beaches. We just exchange Valentines Card and our time being together on that day is very special.

This Valentines fall on Monday, we can’t getaway for an out of town, it will be fine.  I was also thinking what gift I will give to my hubby, I can’t think of any to buy maybe a  2011 bob revolution hehehe I’m just kidding that’s for baby it’s a pram, that will not suit to him. I think another perfume, I always give perfume because he likes collecting, he has many and it's just a display only. Any idea or suggestion of a simple gift? Maybe this time I will think of different gift for him.

I hope everyone is looking forward for the Hearts Day and enjoy the moment of being together.  Advance Happy Valentines to All.

February 10, 2011

Removed malware attacks

I feel like heaven when I got home just now after checking my website. I like to shout that I’m so happy and have peace of mind. Last weekend, I was so worried, so sad, and frustrated of what unexpected occurrence on my site.  It’s like a tragic to me, I feel like I’m part of those people who live in Queensland that experience cyclone Yasi and flash floods. 

Last Sunday as I was visiting some bloggers, commenting on their photos and following. At night, I’ve got an email from a new visitor on my site regarding my website page, I thought she is only tricking me, but she is just a very kind blogger who is concerned on my webpage. She said" she wants to return a visit and already had visited my other sites but this site she tries to visit had a warning “this site may harm your computer” a malicious malware, it means someone hacked and put virus on my site. First I don’t think of any negative feeling, but as we replied each other mails and tells me I should take quick action on my site as it will infect my visitors computer. That worries me so much, I don’t know what to do and I felt so bad thinking how to solve or remove the malware. I’m not in the mood and grumpy on the situation, as you all know as blogger our site is now part of our life, we are connected in here by posting everything about our lives, so I feel like hopeless that I can’t fix it, thinking if I make a new one I’ll start from the scratch, how hard it is to build up and be on the page rank of googles.  Especially I can’t be visible on the search engine, visitors who would attempt to visit me will ignore my site now, if they found and read the warning of search engine result.  What you will feel if your site happened like this to me?  Of course, the feeling is mutual or more than the feeling I have.

Its how many nights I can’t sleep, researching and reading all the articles, understanding the technical part of blogging problems that I’m not very interested but an interesting read for me, "how the hacker attacks the website".  On safe diaognostic of googles they found one site linking to my blogroll and a malicious malware hosted by another domain, so I removed them and that helps. I’ve also asked help of the blogger expert named Peter of the original Blogger Tips and Tricks how many times I seek his advice and help and webmaster tool forum as well, it helps me a lot.  They are very keen to help everyone; I had a few emails and response to my queries and they try to provide all the possible solution to the problem.

I’m a good reader now of all the troubleshooting but it is very confusing as I’m not knowledgeable much on the topic. I'm trying to be sure if it's my site is free so I test many times on webmaster tool on malware safe diagnostic and it’s doesn't say any warning. How cool is that? I thought it will take ages to fix it or if not I will maybe abandon my site and create a new one.

So today, I have peace of mind I can now sleep well,  life must go on no matter what problems and challenges may come, in the end is the solution but sometimes may take time. I quickly ring my hubby telling the news that my site was free of malware. He was so happy as well because I kept annoying him handling my custom laptop every time I've found helpful article to read on how to remove the malware, to explain how to do this and that, what an action to take and  follow the instruction.

After all the relief, I feel my shoulder is so light not carrying burden of worries and headache. So please, don’t hesitate to visit my site, it’s not dangerous nor will harm your computer, as per googles reviews and reconsideration of my site, it’s harmless now.

Godbless to everyone and let’s enjoy blogging.

February 6, 2011

Overcharged Phone Bill

The other night when I was checking my internet banking account as well as my credit card purchases updates I found out that I was overcharged on my mobile phone billing account. Last January 25, a customer service called me reminding of my overdue balance, "I said how come my account was on direct debit payment" (waah) my mistake, I honestly forget to update my new credit card expiry date. Anyway, everything was settled and even reverse the penalty charged on my over due bill  and my payment was processed that day.The next day when I check my internet banking I was charged again, I’m not so worried because I know it can be fixed and settled only if I contact them. But it’s been 3 days I had contacted the customer service hotline, I can’t get through its just ridiculous I’ve been waiting for like an hour trying to talk to someone, I almost memorize the commercial they have on the line while waiting . It’s not very fair while calling the hotline it has fee per minute as well. It’s ok if just a few minutes but keep trying to ring again and again just add up the time. I’ve tried to email but there is no answer yet, I also logged in online on the network provider site to check the update of billing and payment history but I don’t see the first payment whom the person charged me that day when he was updating my new credit card expiry date. I wonder why it happens like that, I’m thinking it’s just a clerical error or I’m not too sure, I'm worried now.

I need there updates for me because 100 dollar overcharged to my account is a bit much to be just forgotten. I hope they can contact me soon and everything will be adjusted or settled on my behalf.


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