January 31, 2011

Mosquito Killer

Its’ been how many nights since summer I’m joining my hubby sitting on the backyard.  What a relaxing moment to be dreaming and looking the stars and moon in the sky, having laughs and exchanging jokes with each other. But I was distracted and disturbed by mosquito, how I love staying in the backyard supposed to be, but there are many mosquitoes flying and bites my skin especially the legs. I already make my hubby’s lap a sort of medical step stools, like putting my legs up high on his lap to avoid mossy but still they won’t escape to bite me.  The center table where we are sitting has a lamp torch with citronella oil that contains ingredient to kill and keep away mosquito but then they’ll risk their lives just to suck my precious blood hahaha. I don’t know what special to it, I better research about my skin type, I notice they don’t bite my hubby’s skin so he is enjoying the night.  Even I wear pajama it doesn’t work that way they still find ways to bite on my foot portion in that case, so clever but not funny for me, if only they can bite my toe nail they will do I think. hahaha

Mosquito your my enemy now, I'll take revenge on the damage you've caused on my legs, so itchy that I'm scratching hahhaha. I need an effective mosquito killer solution, oh I remember last night when visiting late night to MIL, she told me to get a mosquito cream lotion on my body sothat mossy will keep away, I wish it will be effective.  If then we can eat our dinner under the moonlight and I can enjoy for a while sitting in the backyard .

January 30, 2011

How to get rid of the Stain

My bad, I was telling to myself earlier I’m going to transfer on the lounge while complaining it's hot, but I didn’t, thinking I had comfortable position in the bed. But now, I really transfer on the lounge chair, you know why I suddenly transfer here? I was eating cherries while blogging on my bedside that I accidentally dropped the seeds, waaaah it stains the bed linen, what a mess I’ve made, I don’t know if it will take off during laundry if not maybe I better get a new matouk linens sort of summer type design maybe its time to change for we use the old linen for a few years even we still have some extra linen. Maybe things happen for reason always, maybe cherries stain is the reason to change and buy a new linen.lol

Now, sitting on the chair I try to be careful I won't drop any seeds while eating sothat I won't make another stain on the sit cover.

Weather Forecast In Adelaide

Today was a very hot day in Adelaide a 34 degree temperature but it feels like 40 degree, staying at home with no centralized airconditioning is an agony especially myself who likes to stay in bedroom with a fan only, I may better transfer in the lounge where A/C is on.  I just came out from the church on a noon time mass and I can feel the stinking hot breeze blowing on my skin. Lucky those who went to their jobs today and those on refrigeration unit department, they can't windge being in cool place there. 

I was telling to my hubby this morning, during a hot summer days in the Philippines my friend and I on our day off always plan to go out to the mall or watch a movie in the theater to stay there for a bit long, sometimes we had a little bit of nap to keep us cool. hahahha and we really did it before a few times, if not just keep watching the movie a 2 or 3 times just to avoid the hotness outside.

So I suggest to my hubby lets pretend we are on my country, so now we will go to the theater...hahaha it's just me wanting to watch a movie, I'm just making the hot weather as an excuse, silly me.

January 29, 2011

Bridal Expo

Recently, I’ve been browsing online for cars on the local website here; sometimes when we drive around we also stop by on car yard specially those that are close to my place. This afternoon hubby and I went out for a drive on the town that has many car yards display, but unluckily it’s closing of the shop but we are hoping some time we can still look around inside the yard. Most of the dealer’s yard has fenced around and we can’t really get inside to look at. So we just forget about it and think of coming back during trading hours to inspect and make a prospect of what I like for sure one day.

As we go back we make our way on Adelaide Showground road which is a place of entertainment, recreation center and exhibit of some product from a group of companies, businessman who are interested the place as a venue of promoting and selling a product. We’ve seen a banner on the road that there is Bridal Expo January 29-30 it starts today and until tomorrow only. It looks very interesting knowing it’s all about wedding stuff inside, like wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, rings, vintage cars, accessories and etc. Haven’t been on an expo like that before so I feel like excited to have a look but its too late as I don't need those stuff. I only had a simple civil wedding ceremony with close friends and hubby parent so wearing a bridal gown and experiencing a big crowd on a wedding day is not what I had experienced, but it’s not important at all to me as long as we have exchange our vows on our simple marriage and now will still together hand in hands sharing our love. Maybe I’m just missing the wish of every bride to walk in the aisle going to the altar and wearing a bridal gown.

I told my hubby I wish one day if we agreed and prepare we will have a church wedding on my country Philippines sothat all my parents, relatives and friends that don’t witness my wedding in Australia can also witness there.

One of the bridesmaid dresses sample that I like, looks simple and elegant.

Lunch On credit

This week I had a two days shift on the fish shop, last Thursday and tomorrow as Saturday. Sometimes I don’t even have a one day shift as I give up the morning hours that I was on the roster before the end of the year.

It was last Thursday, a funny and embarrassing day for me. I didn’t pack a lunch going to work thinking I will buy on KFC which is just across the road of my work place. There is one staff to lunch first before me that has no pack lunch as well. I ask favor to him if he will go to KFC "please buy me a burger zinger meal and I’ll pay him when it’s my break time turn to get the money on my locker".

It’s my break time; I went to the locker room to grab my bag and then go to the pantry to eat my lunch. As I open my bag to get my wallet I can’t grab which side of the bag my wallet is or thinking it was on the bottom part, I still keep searching as if I’m using a garretts metal detectors just to find the wallet. Unfortunately, I’m searching for something I can’t find, I remember I don’t have it on my working bag, it was on my other bag that I had used the day before which I forgot to transfer when I went to work. Hmmmm…too young to be forgetful (lol)

So what I did I still eat my lunch eventhough I don’t have money to pay my workmate.hahaha. I was a bit shy and feel like I will be embarrassed how to tell him that I forgot my wallet and can’t pay him that time. Its good he understands and I’ll pay next time only.

January 28, 2011

Late night shopping

Yesterday, I work on fish shop and finish in the afternoon.  When I got home I was thinking to buy grocery in the supermarket but it’s when my hubby arrives sothat we can go together and he can carry the grocery bags for me, that's the thing I don't like when shopping if we bought to last for a few weeks.  It’s been a while since we don’t shop our household supply together when I do my night shift job. But yesterday when my hubby had arrived home, his friends was also there visits him at the same time, sometimes it annoys me because of not noticing us and our plan was always cancelled, if not he come along with us. But you get that...

The supermarket will close 9pm and we just went to the shop 8:10pm because hubby is entertaining his friend, its like a rush time to shop of everything and the friend was with us as well.  We've got most of the grocery supplies except for work gloves I’m using in the kitchen that I forget to grab, I was maybe in hurry to pick most of the stuff that we need that I don't happen to get it.

January 26, 2011

Another day to Cherish

What a fantastic day for us! Hubby and I had a beautiful lunch along Jetty road restaurant at Brighton Beach. After we had filled our tummy, we walk towards jetty bridge to have a lovely atmosphere of feeling the cool breeze came from the middle of the ocean while watching some people diving and fishing on jetty. After that we went back to the seashore to find a spot to put away our stuff and finally to get ready for a swim. The water is a bit cold as what I’m expecting, but as I keep soaking myself it doesn’t really feel so cold. It’s just so refreshing to have a bath on the sea once in a while. We don’t stay long in the water as I start to feel itchy and my face is like stinging, I still love to have a long bath but well I can't last very long. Maybe due to allergic reaction on my sensitive skin, I’m not sure if I get sun burn I’ll figure it out maybe tomorrow. My face has some open pores due to my bad habit of scratching sometimes that looks like a pimple, which is not good. But great to have an idea to prevent the pimple and itchy reaction, I was reading an article online this morning about acnetox reviews, a pill that helps prevent acne from inside out and very helpful agents to detox a body. I was thinking this what I may need to take inorder not to have an itchy feeling. I hope this one will have the best effect to make my face looks smooth and beautiful.

But anyway forget about the itchy face we really enjoyed our day, after swimming we just sit on seaside and relax ourselves while eyes wandering around. Many people were swimming, they also set up a tent or umbrella rock for a shade, some with their families and friends cooking barbeque on the seaside, drinking alcohol and enjoying the celebration of Australia day.

Second Time around

Last night, I told my hubby we are going to the beach as it is Australia day and no work for me but for him maybe he will work few hours in the morning.  But he wakes up late and he doesn’t feel like working, good for me. Now just preparing ourselves to go out and hopefully swim on the beach not just only sitting and watching the water and the lovely atmosphere of the place as always but to actually swim and have a dip and stay for a few hours. Since I was 3 years already here it’s only my first time to swim last year Australia Day and this day again would be the second time. Everyone must be on the beach today, nice weather to swim, would be nice to see different shapes and curves of the woman’s bodies wearing a stylish swimming suit.  I will then see the result of those women who are really taking ephedrine diet pills.

Rego Renewal at Post Office

This end of month is the expiration of my car registration plate number, when I work everyday on the fish shop, there is a motor vehicle office branch I can pass by to renew whenever I'm close to expirity date. But since I’m no longer working everyday I can’t be bother to visit as it was out of my way now. I heard there are some establishment centers I can renew, even online but I haven’t tried yet. So, last Monday I went to Post Office shop to pay and renew my registration, it’s my first time and it’s very convenient for me to renew their always because it’s just a minute distance from my place, I never thought of that before. Before I really go to the city in purpose renewing on the main motor vehicle registration office where I can see some beautiful metal buildings as I was passing through, it’s hard to find a park sometimes that’s why catching a bus is the best way if going to city.

Now aside from the online payment going to post office is the easiest way for me to renew.

Australian Day 2011

Today is a public holiday, no work and a day to celebrate Australia Day. Many people have a day off work and use the day to picnic in a park, barbeque, party and drink, go to the beach, play or to watch sports events. It’s the day that some forgot their diet because of eating lots so, to prevent gaining instant weight for a day one must ready a diet pills. In some places, there is spectacular public fireworks displays are held. In addition, the Australian of the Year Awards are presented. These are awards for Australians who have made an outstanding contribution to their country or community.

In some towns and cities, citizenship ceremonies are held on Australia Day. These are ceremonies to welcome immigrants to the country who have been granted Australian citizenship. Although official, these ceremonies often have a festive atmosphere.

Happy Australia Day to everyone.  Have fun and enjoy the whole day.

January 21, 2011

Two and a Half Men TV Show

One night, hubby and I were watching Two and a Half Men series on the lounge television.  We don’t usually watch some series of shows aside from that comedy show and some weekend movies. We had a good laugh together while watching with the acting and humor of the characters especially Charlie Sheen.  Even sometimes the episode is just a repeat still we like watching. We also have our favorite advertisement and jingles that we are waiting to play. That night there is an ad that makes us interested and think of getting. The life insurance quotation ads on the tv, like the same rate and quotes on http://www.wholesaleinsurance.net/, it was so cheap weekly payment only.  After the ads, I’ve asked my hubby if we have life insurance, he said we had on the superannuation death insurance. I was just curious about it, because why some get a private life insurance from other company, so that’s why I told my hubby if we need to get or not or just depend on the superannuation. 

January 19, 2011

Our weekend on PIL

Last Sunday after we went to church, we visit PIL’s house to catch up with them.  When we just arrive FIL first told us to go straight to the backyard because he wants to show us the swimming pool that he had cleaned that day for us to swim whenever we like and he just always ready the pool for summer sothat he can quickly refresh himself everyday if he likes to swim.  After that we sit on backyard table and had a chat with MIL of anything, she can be funny sometimes knowing she wants my hubby to lose weight especially the tummy.lol When hubby stand up to grab a newspaper on the bench, MIL winks at me then told my hubby he is losing weight like taking Lipofuze just to encourage and motivate hubby to lose weight and stop drinking iced coffee, “she said you look good, keep on doing that your looking more handsome and healthy”.  I was giggling aside while she’s talking about it and hubby is not facing towards us.  Sometimes its fun to be with my PIL on their 70’s eventhough sometimes can be annoying too who keep on repeating same story hehe but that’s what maybe if your getting older and we all are, so hubby and I always understand them and make them happy for every moment that we still have them in our side.

In God's time

I visit to my friend last weekend who has 7 month old baby boy; if we are on the mall I always give her a hand to carry her baby if she wants to get something from the shop. It’s very cute and always smiling when his mum and I were talking he seems to understand and listen to us that sometimes we can see his facial expression. When we talk about her kids sometimes she observe how eager am I to have baby, she always tease me to hurry up and make one as soon as possible sothat I can play around with my own baby just like her. She’s funny talking that way, I know one day in God’s time hubby and I are going to have one, that’s our plan of course. She also advise me when we are ready to have a baby I will take a prenatal one multivitamin that is easy and quicker to develop baby. I also have heard about that vitamin because that was always the doctor prescribed to every woman who wants to get pregnant.

I can’t imagine myself being a mother looking on my friend as mum of 3 kids with a year gap only. But I know the sacrifice and hardwork a parent does for a child is priceless and worth the joy a child can give especially to a mother. So I think even how hard it is to raise a kid especially in this country that you don’t have any help and sometimes need to give up work to look after the baby, it doesn’t matter to me as long as there is a complete family together everything will run smoothly as it goes.

January 15, 2011

Requirements Accomplished

A few months ago, my sister vacation on Manila on my brother’s place to look for an opportunity of findng a job overseas as a staff nurse. She has been busy handling many resume to any recruitment agency wishing for her luck to be selected. She asks my assistance financially in case there is an opportunity to come, so I also support her at the best of my capability. One day she tells me the news that there is hiring of hundreds of nurses going to Jeddah and she was chosen to go. It start all the processing of all the requirements like medical test, placement fee, visa processing fee and also she told that they need to order a medical uniforms such as hospital nurse uniform, I don’t know if they get some discount nursing scrubs uniform too as being part of the hired staff. Aside from that there are still some petty expenses of necessary things before she leaves the country. One thing also is the traditional clothes to wear she also have one because they need it too while living in that country.

After all the papers was processed and released the approval, my sister starts her new life last December 14, 2010, I just hope that she is in good hand always with the guidance of the Lord.

January 12, 2011

Disaster on Brisbane

Its how many days on the television news and everywhere regarding the flood on Queensland that affects many people houses and even took their lives? It was now declared as a disaster area, especially on Brisbane I was worried because I have a bestfriend and Godmother living their but its good to hear when I had contacted them they were not affected terribly, there is only shallow flood on their suburb and not so worst compare to other area. There are many residents was sent to evacuation center I can imagine those disable person especially on the wheel chair that has cerebral palsy how difficult for them to transport on that kind of situation. The water is so deep that many houses were drowned and they don't recovered anything like the furniture and appliances. I see an image of one house where a man standing on the house roof  which only the tip of the roof is showing on the water, he rescue his lounges and some stuff were on the top.

I hope it will be over soon and back to normal again.

Investing a property

This New Year I have another to do list in my life plan. Guess what? To one day buy a house and lot in my home land. I really don’t have any idea of the value of property yet, I don’t know what to prioritize first a car or a property but I think a property would be nice, we’ll see how it goes.

I was researching how many days ago and until how much the value of land or the package with a house and it gives me knowledge and idea the cost of sale in the market. I can see the differences of the price and square meters on places which are high standard in city and towns. I heard to my cousin they’ve got their house and lot package on a bank loan, so he advice me to inquire in a bank for Outer Banks foreclosures property because sometimes there is some excellent opportunity to find an ideal property, you can get the best deal and not so expensive property that is for sale. I already have some choices that I found online on our area in my country which I’ve inquired but pity I’m not there to inspect and check the actual stand out of the property.

Last night I also talked to my mum and lay down my plan one day. So I suggest to her if there is any thing she can or find some nice opportunity on the bank for the advertise bank foreclosures property, she can help me searching. It would be a great investment and reward myself as the fruit of my hard work.

January 11, 2011

Dolphin Cruise

It was last January 2, 2011 where hubby and I went for a dolphin cruise on Port Adelaide. At last we finally made it since the last winter season of attempting to sail on Dolphin Explorer local cruise ship. It’s a 2 hours trip on the river viewing some machinery and equipment, factories, old ship, people fishing, some private boat sailing along the Port Adelaide River. Also the passengers that are looking forward to see is the dolphin, it doesn’t mean numerous of them we can see but there are times a few only or sometimes even not. We are lucky to find three dolphins on the end point of the cruise and another two on the way back but a bit away and they are very fast to swim so we only saw the fin and tail while they are swimming. I’ve tried maximum zoom of my camera to get a nice one but they’re really swimming so fast and the boat continue sailing away from them. It would be nice that all passenger have vortex binoculars to view the dolphin very closely would be a fantastic memory and experience on cruising. But still even not so close the cruise was still one of the memorable events especially we did it on the beginning of the year.

January 8, 2011

Hachi ( A dog's tale)

My entry today was an image below of a dog named Hachi means goodluck on Japanese language on the movie we've watched this evening.

The other night hubby and I had rented 2 dvd’s, we first watch the one that was overnight only. The other one was finally rented which I always forget to hire was the tale of a dog based on a true story titled Hachi, a 4 days hire. I’ve just heard it from my cousin who had wall status about this movie, it makes me curious and looking forward to watch it one day and finally I’ve got it. It’s about a dog, talking about dog I suddenly thought of my PIL as they have dog and treat really like a baby. I suggest to my hubby after we have watched I’ll let his mum watch it too as I know they will love it. Hubby then told me she can’t watch it, “I said why?” he replies "she don’t know how to operate electronics like dvd player on her age now, as you know everytime John(FIL) want to watch a movie, I always go there to play the movie for him". So I then told him, let’s just go there so we all watch together and it’s nice bonding for all of us.
So this evening we just arrived home from watching the movie on PIL’s house. They love and enjoy the story, as well as it's very emotional we all had a tear watching it. They really feel like its like Billy their dog as the main character.

PIL were happy and thankful that we think of them as we rent the movie and shared to them.

For those who love dogs this movie was amazing and worth watching for you. 

Please click here for more photos of camere critters

January 7, 2011

Tan Face

Today, I finish my work early I have the time to cook our dinner and water the plants in the backyard. We had pasta with bolognese sauce plus garlic bread on our dinner, after that I continue watering the plants in the front yard but suddenly change my mind and let my hubby do it for me. It result opposite as he said he’ll go with me in the front yard and just watch me watering, I don’t comment but just do it, I can’t win anyway grrrr. While looking at him I notice that his face looks tan, I told him if he walks under the sun today on his work, which he didn’t. He then explain the story he told me last night that I can’t remember because I was so tired and maybe asleep while he was talking.lol   He then told me again that he climb on the ladder to the house roof yesterday replacing the old antenna of the television that doesn’t have strong signal which affect the reception when we are watching tv.  He stays in the roof for two hours which is stinking hot fiddling the old and new antennas to work pointing his hands towards the roof inorder for me to see the new antenna. That does explain why he looks a bit tan to me today.

January 6, 2011

Online Christmas Celebration

Last Christmas day after having a lovely, delicious and yummy lunch to my MIL house, hubby and I went home, had a nap for a couple of hours and think what to do in the evening. When I’m thinking of this celebration I feel sad and home sick because I miss my family in the Philippines, imagining what they are doing at the moment as I know it’s a big event in our family were everyone gathered together having fun. I’m a bit bored that time so what I do is just browse and check updates on my facebook. What a coincidence my only sister from Jeddah that just got an employment before Christmas was online. It’s her first time on her 25th years of age to be away from my parents especially on Christmas and New Year season. I was a bit pity on her as I know how she feels being new in a country. I told her after checking facebook I’m going to play the magic sing but we can still continue talking, how she loves singing which makes her felt jealous to me because she can’t do much entertainment in Jeddah as she was new and beside their laws were different especially on alcohol drinking. I show to her I was drinking champagne while she was drinking pepsi cola and we are liked silly doing cheers on the webcam. While we keep talking on voice chat I was singing on karaoke where she request her favorite karaoke songs that she always sing before.

She had enjoyed listening to me even my voice is husky and a trying hard effect.haha That's my entertainment if I'm bored and lonely. I’m happy that we caught each other online that Christmas evening also knowing her good condition and situation on the country. Hope she will always be safe and in good health.

January 4, 2011

New Year - 2011

Another year had passed and a new year that comes. The year 2010 was a tough times for me and hubby we’ve been through a lot of hurdles but everything was put into places in the end. During Christmas we have received chocolate presents from our friends and family, I’ve got cash present from hubby telling me to choose what I like to have as present. I felt bad I didn’t give him any due to busy at work and can’t think of any to give to him in the last minute as an excuse I just told him even not Christmas and no occasion I give you gift for no reason. My hubby is expecting a cigars and he is lucky to receive one on his boss at work on their chrismast party.

The end of the year is a good one everything was under control all the bad experiences were trying to forget and move on for the good year that is heading us.

Hope this new year will bring us more blessing, abundant life, more love and good health to us and to everyone.


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