November 30, 2010

Lunch Break

At this time I'm having my 1 hour lunch break. After or while having lunch I play with my laptop in the kitchen table, I love multi-tasking or can we say I’m just killing some of the time left and not to get bored.  Sometimes it’s nice to talk with some staff that are on lunch like me.  Some different issues or current events we can discuss and jokes we exchange, especially if some read a magazine or newspaper about celebrity gossip or a mention the topic about the website of one read on newspaper  which is a fun discussion and guys won’t really like to hear if they’re around, it makes them embarras but very helpful topic for them.

November 27, 2010

Uncontrollable Bumps

Your Road is Paved With Generosity

You've reached the point in your life where you rarely put yourself first. You are always thinking about what others need.

You are responsible for the happiness and well being of at least one other person, and you actually like taking charge.

You are considerate, kind, and extremely patient. It's hard to shake you up.

You try to ride smoothly and consistently throughout life. There will be enough bumps that you can't control!

The result of the bicycle test is somewhat true and realistic on my personal life. I agree some of the points it says about me.  I can be very patient that sometimes I put myself in trouble, most of the time I think of other before myself which I'm now exactly on the situation. And no matter how I do, it's out of my circle of control which gives me stress because I'm part of it but uncontrollable only. Feeling those bump tends to lose my weight from 45 to now 42 not very healthy, I don't need it as I'm skinny enough to reduce my weight.  It's like I'm taking slimming pills the way I look my body now.

Let my Life back on the Right Track

Again, it seems I’m back to my frustrating and depressing moment which is not very good and healthy feeling for me. It’s been how many nights I don’t have a good night sleep, I’m glad I’m very busy in my work but still I can’t escape the bad feeling when I got home. I can notice an eye bags slowly growing, I should better prevent it by putting an under eye cream in that case it will not get worst at all.

I don’t know why, sometimes I was drowning in happiness but it’s like a landslide that quickly turn into sadness. Its terrible feeling, people see me outside being a funny person, always smiling and joking, but if they open my heart it’s not the same as my outside personality.

Lord, I’m thanking you for all the blessings you’ve given me especially my new job that I gain lovely friends that makes me feel I’m special . Thanks for all this challenges and trials I’m now encountering in my life it makes me stronger and mature. Please give me strength and always back up me whatever the outcome of this entire thing. I know you’re always there around looking at me and feeling what I feel. I have no else here but only you. So help me get through in my life to be peaceful and happy again.

November 25, 2010

You are Part of My Life

It’s been a while since I’ve bought my 10” notebook computer, one of the valuable gifts for myself last June 2009. I got it on a better value with 2 years laptop warranty, next year is the expiration. Hmmm..I should plan of getting a laptop insurance that covers the whole package of the computer damage, theft or cause by disaster. It will be much reliable to get a membership, I don’t need to worry if something accident happen to my laptop, especially I always bring it to work and I don’t know someone will get interested and steal it, we don’t know right? It’s for security reason only.

I love it, it’s part of my life now, it’s very convenient and handy, I can carry anywhere and everywhere I go, especially just sitting or lying in bed is so comfortable, sometimes it sleep on my side too (lol) a computer addict? I’m not really, but I can say sometimes I am not an addict to things such as pornography or some illegal sort. I can be an addict sometimes to facebook which is important connecting to my family overseas and I’m addicted to my blogging life which gives me some extra income for snacks and treats. It’s for good use always.


Life has many ups and downs. If there is positive, negative comes on the way. We can’t predict what will happen next, can you? Even the weather forecast is not always reliable so the same as what is going on in our lives, unpredictable as it is.

Sometimes, we think everything is alright then certain situation arises that we don’t expect. Most common thing was the financial problem, I remember before when I was in the my country Philippines, I’ve got financial problem although I’m earning from my work but still not enough, I need to provide an amount for a medication of one member of the family.  I try to ask an emergency loan in our company, like a payday loans terms of payment. Luckily, I was granted and the problem was solved.

It’s common practice on government worker to avail different kinds of loan which sometimes the private company doesn’t have. I’m happy that a private company where I’ve worked allowed us to make a loan if it’s really needed.

Massive Sale...Hurry get your Choice!!!

Love is in the air, everywhere I look around, oh as well as Christmas is on the air too, do you feel it? I can feel the breath how fast it’s approaching. It’s one month more to go and let’s all be merry.  Do you guys already had plan for Christmas, I hope so I know everyone are getting excited for that day to come.  Exchanging cards and gifts was one the exciting event all are looking forward. Have you guys prepare and searching for some gifts to your family, relatives and friends? Me, I’m looking forward of what to give to my love ones.  I've heard one of the best deals online, it’s a massive sale up to 74% saving you can get different kinds of products from electronic, gadgets, computer accessories and more interesting stuff you can find.  It’s nice to shop during Cyber Monday heaps of exclusive products offered, your friends would love to receive the kind of gift which has featured online. I can't either wait to visit the site and browse the lovely and precious gift to get. Come on join with me, see you there...

November 21, 2010

Bonding Moment with my friend

Today, I have enjoyed meeting my friend and her kids on a shopping center, it's been a while though. She has 4 kids but lucky this time she had brought the eldest and the youngest 6 months old with her as her husband look after the others. Sometimes there was a time that all of them were together with a year gap only which tend to become naughty and annoying especially they are little young boys that likes to wander around the mall too.

We spent most of our time to look and choose a dress for her eldest daughter who is graduating next two weeks on grade school. We visit a few shops to make up the mind of her daughter what she really likes to wear. My friend have with her a pram for her little boy sometimes I’m the one pushing the pram to assist her daughter and sothat she can have time to shop for herself. They are not new to me so that’s finenand I’m happy doing it, I also feel at home when I’m on her house she is very hospitable and accommodating to me. I remember before she uses a pram like a bob revolution duallie type when the other kid was with her but now only the single pram, but while walking in the mall I can see most parents were pushing a dual pram those that has two or more kids of course that's very handy and practical use only.

Anyway, we had fun going from one clothing shop to another and looking for a fashion trend that suit us. She is a shopping maniac sometimes if she is on the mall, a compulsive buyer too we love it and sometimes tell ourselves "resist the urge only what's for today is for today not other else" lucky I can control myself on shopping I only get if I really need it as I know I have a lot to chose on my wardrobe as well as her. We enjoy our time, we don’t realize its 5pm and closing of the shops already. We just end our time by having a coffee and after that she had dropped me at home.

November 16, 2010

Good Things Comes to those Who can Wait

Last Sunday was a lazy day because of too much work from the week before so I feel like I don’t have any plan to go out for a drive or anything. I just like to stay and rest at home, restore more energy level and prepare for another busy week at work. But I suddenly feel boring, I told my hubby to go out for a short time at least even tired or not, we still made our Sunday as our Day together not at home but outside, an effort for each other to wind around for good time or find a nice place for photography. We just drive somewhere without destination always while sharing laughter and have fun conversation. He suddenly mention about my car, what we will do about it knowing it has some problem of lose connection on warning lights and indicator. It’s perfectly running just need maintenance, I may not know one day while driving on the road I will experience breakdown. We both know that I need to get another car but not this year, hopefully in the mid-next year if everything is alright. Even though he will finance for it still I’m the one doing the finance job for our finances, especially in estimating the budget that needs to be prioritized, anyway I’m not rushing to have another one yet so it’s fine for me to wait for the next year to come.

Because we keep on talking about car, as we are on the road I told him to visit on some car yard. It was close during Sunday but we still get inside the yard and have a look for the display. We already had prospect what sort and brand to buy but not sure yet. It will be finalized only if the budget is already set up..

November 14, 2010

Tresspassing the neighbor's garden

One morning just walking in the front yard and see the neighbor's blooming flower.  I took the camera inside the house and wanting to ask permission to the neighbor but no one is home they must went to work early, so I just quickly get inside their front yard and take photo of this flower.

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November 13, 2010

What Should I Resolve to Change for the Next Year?

                You Should Make 2 Resolutions


Reduce Stress Overall

Spend More Time With Family and Friends

The quiz is right. I, myself know I've been on a hard time this year. I experience some emotional breakdown, feel lonely and got depressed for some reason that happens in my life.

I was so happy on the job that was granted to me, I'm happy working with many people, make friends and interact with each other but have less time spending with family. I don't have relative or immediate family here aside from my husband and in-laws, but I'm glad to say even I'm away from them  I was updated with my family back in the Philippines by talking at them online always.

Talking about my friends I haven't seen them for a while because I was so occupied with my work, I hardly catch up with my friends aside I was busy, they're also busy with some important matter especially looking after their kids. I need a break in my life to be happy and enjoy every moment of the day. Life is so short, I should spend the most of it as if I'm dying the next day. Enjoying and not only work and work but put some leisure and have fun just like spending a holiday on setai new york with my hubby would be the best thing and memorable experience to happen in my life.

A surprise to my hubby

Last night when I arrived home around 10:20pm, my hubby told me something with a guessing question. “Guess who was here tonight before you came in?” I already know it’s the friend who unexpectedly visits him. I observe lately since he came from Japan holiday seems like every other night he visit at home, I can’t catch to see him sometimes because I’m working at night. He is harmless though, a nice guy and the only loyal friend of my hubby that likes to hang around at home. Before hubby mention his surprise visit last, I already thought of contacting him to come home for a surprise post birthday of my hubby last November 11. I’ve sent him online message and luckily he was online hiding on invisible status.

I told him if he can come over at home tonight and we can organize some bites together with the other friend of my hubby. We agreed that he won’t come home on the time  as what I’ve told him to surprise my hubby. We organize and talk about what to make for nibbles. He volunteer to shop of some stuff of what to prepare, I suggest if he can shop on supermarket where I work sothat I can meet and tell what he can buy (not an acne scar removal products) but something to make a platter, a dim sim, chicken kebabs skewers, spring roll, or whatever we think its nice to eat, etc.

I hope this simple preparation will make my hubby happy and enjoy the time with his close friends.


Everyday was a busy day at work, especially on my department. During our break time I had the chance to get to know some of the staff in every department in the kitchen. I like my work place now because I can mingle and interact with more people  unlike on my first job we only have counted staff.

Today, I bump to one staff and what a coincidence we are always the same time to break, she is very friendly, sweet and kind knowing I was new in the company. She always asked me “how am I” or if I like on the department I belong, because we were on same department on service desk. I was having my lunch that time when she told me I look tiny maybe comparing to her body I am, not that she is being rude but she wants herself to be tiny too.

She said to me, “I can give you some of my fats sothat I’ll reduce my weight” (lol) I had a laugh, I said “I’d be happy to gain a little bit of weight so I’ll accept your fats".

What a funny conversation between the two of us, good thing only us in the kitchen that time. A serious weight loss diet would be right for her if she really wants to look not tiny, but an average weight for her body structure.

November 12, 2010

A year in driving

Last week, I just remembered that I was a year older in my driving skills getting a Probationary license last October 2009. What a big achievement for me having the courage and motivation to learn driving, I was scare to drive especially I’ve been to accident before that gives me phobia, so driving on the road is not really my interest I'd better be the passenger always, but I did really motivate myself to drive, it’s just necessity that I need to do incase of emergency or whatever happen it’s just easy for me and not depend on my hubby always. It’s almost two years since my hubby used to drop and pick me to work and I’m grateful for him, but then it’s not forever I’ll let him do it. I should gain my own independency sothat I can go anywhere, I can go to shop alone, visit a friend and of course I can drive myself to work which I'm doing now for a year.

Before I got the car, I started inquiring insurance quote so I know where I can get the best insurance service. August 2009 I’ve bought a second hand car, a cheap one that suits to me as a first timer and inexperience driver, even if I scratch or bump to other car that will possibly happen hopefully not, I won’t regret at all. I was right, it has scratch when I have them and I add another scratch by accidentally bumping the stobie pole in front of the house close to the driveway (lol). I don’t mind really, it gives me lesson to always be cautious and careful. I was nervous that maybe I can make serious accident along the road and luckily for more than a year and God's guidance I don’t encounter any. Now, I’m becoming more confident in my driving ability, before I don’t drive at night always but  last 2 months ago I started to drive due to some night shift at work. Now, I'm getting use and it’s not really much different from day and night. I just hope that everyday I’ll just be safe and away from any harm.

November 7, 2010

A garden of crimated graves

This photo was taken last 2 weeks ago at Centennial Park cemetery our neighbor in the suburb street.  It was October 31, after we went to Glenelg beach we head towards going home but before we turn right to reach the house about 3 houses away, I've told my hubby to drive straight on the cemetery to have a quick look if there are many visitors on some relatives grave thinking it's All Saints Day the next day.  We drive slowly around the cemetery passing on the springbank lake then visit the flower garden that was all planted with roses. It's a garden graves of crimated bodies but it doesn't seem there are graves burried on the ground if you just look on the beautiful and different colors of rose flowers. 

Here are some of the photos I've took while standing on one corner of the flower garden. I don't get the chance to take photos on each corner because it takes a while for me to walk as you can see the huge area of the garden.

The rectangular side of each block was all crimated grave bodies and was planted with variety of roses in the middle, hard for me to take the whole lot of this photo but to get this I need to step on other block of a grave.huh

So fresh and beautiful flowers (don't just think there are graves

The only close up photo I did.

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