July 30, 2010

Neighbor's Pine Tree

A very tall pine tree of our neighbor a view from the front yard of our house while walking one morning.

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July 29, 2010

Can't wait for Summer

Winter winter winter, a cold weather to get over for a few months,  it’s making me lazy to get up in the morning but I need to wake up and go to work. I can’t wait for the summer I can do a lot of things, more active and I can catch up with my friends often as well. How I miss swimming on a beach or even just swim on my MIL house pool, I try to ask if they have pool heaters I hope they will have it, if not I’ll convince her to install a pool heater sothat it will be useful during winter lol. It would be a great idea doing that, she’s been good enough inviting us to come for a swim on their pool. If there are many leaves on the water she let her husband clean and change the water because we are coming to swim, how sweet and thoughtful she is.

July 27, 2010

I've locked the car and forgot the Key Inside

Today is Tuesday supposedly my day off but early morning I’ve got a call from work to come in for a few hours only, not as customer service but if it's ok for me to do general cleaning on some part of the building that needs further clean up for the incoming audit of the cleanliness, food safety handling and proper hygiene, I give it a go as it's better than nothing and be a lazy bum again like what happened last week lol. I’ve finished 2:30pm and I thought of dropping by on a video shop to rent a movie. I thought everything goes very well today, but it’s not when I park the car I accidentally left the key and engine still on waaah…it’s just a matter of seconds when I suddenly changed my mind not to rent because I’m worried with my parking it’s almost on a 10 meters within the driveway if I'm caught I'll be on penalty it happened to meonce on my work place side street I was fined for 42 dollars on that kind of parking error, it's an illegal to park within 10 meters within the driveway.
I’m not far away from the car to go back, I was looking for my key and I realized I forgot to pull out, it was  inside the car. I don’t know how it happen, but it did happened, I just hop out the car and don't get the key off. I don’t have a duplicate so I ring my hubby at his work that I was in trouble and ask what to do. I told what had happened then he just gave me the number of RAA, a road service you can hire if your car was in trouble on the road, but I’m not a member. Now, on that matter I had an emergency membership to get the service done as soon as possible for $190.00, suppose if I’m already a member it’s only 80-115 but well, what can I do? The damage is done and I must move on.

Just an advice for a new driver or those who own a new or second hand cars don’t forget to sign up for a membership on road service and find a cheap auto insurance it’s really important while your driving on the road.

July 26, 2010

A Lazy Chilly Day

Last Tuesday was my day off, it was very cold and chilly morning that's why I don’t like to get up. It’s not a productive day for me because I just stay in the bed most of the day I've carried away of just lying without noticing the day is almost over haha. Aside from blogging and visiting friends blogs I even get lazy to do some chores, I don’t even had a breakfast or lunch which is not good, when my hubby left going to work I just had a glass of milk beside the bed and a pack of crispy M&;M chocolate I think I almost finish the 400 grams.  In the afternoon I was thinking to go to the nearest shop to look for the new wii accessories that was advertised on the catalogue and a 50% bargain of canister jar that I like, but when I start to prepare suddenly the heavy rain pours outside, so what happened I go back to the bed again and keep on blog hopping while also talking to a friend on facebook, until my hubby arrives home I’m still in bed, he always asked me during Tuesday what I’ve been up to, if I go somewhere or shopping, just said I’m just here all day in bed waaah, not so healthy, it was the first time that this kind of laziness happened to me, I should try not to happen it again.

July 25, 2010

PMA's sculpted wall garden

Have I posted my vacation photos in Baguio City? a never ending photo isn't it? I hope I don't get you bored, it was on Philippine Military Academy photos of the sculpted historical battle of Lapu-lapu and Magellan
The PMA heroes, the Navy, Military, Airforce and my sister suddenly jump in the middle and position herself on the wall raising her right hand as what on the wall sculptures did.
Is it a flower? It's unique yellow and red leaves that formed like a flower but I guess it's really flower...lol I will put this as my entry for Today's flower. So don't object me, it's a flower haha..

Map of the Philippines

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You and Me

The shadow of US, this was taken a few months ago when we had a long drive on the Cruise Ship in Outer Harbor, we are walking in a bush land to access in the beach closer where the ship ducks.

July 23, 2010

Best View Ever when Using a Binocular

One thing you can put in your bag when going to travel to places that has many attraction especially a look out, an overlooking mountain or even using in the beach is a binocular, that's what hubby and I were talking about during our holiday in the Philippines that we forget, we don't think of buying before we leave hmmm. We've been to some beautiful province that has many look outs, eventhough we can see it in our eyes those nice sceneries and experience the feeling of being there still it would be nice to have a carry on everywhere we go.  Next time we won't definitely forget it, now we are looking forward of saving some coins for that,  it's a nice toy also aside from camera. What you think? Like when we visit Baguio city at Mines View, there's lot to watch around which is very nice viewing it closely to appreciate and fall in love on the beauty of nature.  There is some binocular for rent there but we need wait every 10 minutes to finish the first who is using, I can't wait waaah.  But now I can see the importance of the equipment if your a nature lover.

Look at the photo below of Mines View, even this little boy is enjoying the closest view of the mountain.

Scarf face

Friday is always a busy day at work more customers we encounter everyday and the regular customer that always comes back. Today, one of the regular customer comes in and seriously browsing in the window while I'm serving other, I can’t identify her on the first glance because she’s covering half of her face with scarf, I was thinking maybe that lady must be very cold today that she put the scarf all over her half face instead around the neck. As I really look at her and timing she look at me, I was surprised to see an Indonesian customer that I always had a chat when there is not much customer. I’ve said I didn’t recognize you, why you cover your face? She then uncover and show me that her left face is swollen, looks uneven because she went to the dentist 4 days ago to have extraction of her wisdom tooth.
She should have done it to charlotte cosmetic dentist, it’s the best dental service that strives to give you beautiful and comfortable smiles. I hope her face will return to normal soon as she can’t eat much nicer food because she can’t chew properly. I don’t even think that she can't eat well hehe, I ven offer and had a sales talk recommending some fish to her, she replied not today maybe next time I just bought this fish for my dad, I only eat cereal, porridge or any that is easy to chew for the mean time because it hurts still, poor thing.

July 22, 2010

Pacific War Memorial

This series of photos was one of the historical place we've visited during our group tour on Corregidor Island last month. I have an old entry a month ago on this Island but it's about the building barrack of American-Filipino Soldiers that were destroyed by Japanese and weapons they used on WW II maybe some of you would still remember.  This one was Pacific Memorial War not the museum but a monument. The photos are from we enter until we get inside and go up to look at the monument and up there it's overlooking the whole Island.

The front view

View when you get inside

As you walk further it looks like this on the side walls were historical names of the soldiers

The top of view and closer look of monument

It's writing

And the overlooking view of the Island when your on top

Looking back at the monument to the entrance

Hope you enjoy sky watching here.

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July 19, 2010

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

You might think I'm finished posting photos about Baguio City, Phils. well not yet, I want to take you for a boating ride on Burnharm Park, you can pick which boat you can ride.  My sister, hubby and I went for a boating we just pay 60 pesos for half an hour if you row the boat yourself, I don't know how to row, either sis and hubby don't feel like doing too so we hire a paddler with another fee of 15 pesos only very cheap, we don't pick any boat  we just ride which one is available, I think our boat is a red duck design.  It's nice and fun to ride and be around with different people seeing them with their whole family boating around the lake, different kinds of creative boat design to attract customers. I was really amaze how they sculpted those kind of boat, it's hard and big effort to make those kind. They really encourage more tourist to come back and visit the place. So if ever you plan of holiday in the Phils. you can try visit this province.

The young boy who paddle took this photo for us.

Winnie the Pooh
A cottage with balcony, everyone can get inside or go to the top and look around the whole park especially those who are boating.
A hardworking vendor even in the water also paddle and sell his goods just to feed his family, he sell green mango, chips, softdrink and other else.
A pretty mermaid

July 17, 2010

Am I Real or Not?

This is messy we bought her more than a year now, she is very quiet and loves to sleep all she do is just stay on the corner of the bedroom always on that position, she must be tired but maybe she get use too. We always pat her everytime we leave and arrive home sometimes I put her beside me in the bed and just feel her prescence and have her company if I'm alone, sometimes I'm talking to her as if she understand me.

That's messy hubby was the one who chose and pick her on a fancy shop, she looks really so real to us so instead of buying a live kitten to takecare everyday, we just buy her sothat she can look after herself when were not home. lol

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July 15, 2010

Ocean View at Mall Of Asia, Phils.

This windy and foggy photo was taken at the Ocean view wing of Mall of Asia one of the biggest mall in the Philippines.  After shopping we exit on ocean view side to have a walk what it looks like I've heard  it's likely the replacement of Baywalk at Roxas Boulevard before.  We just cross the road going to the seashore and the rains starts spitting just a few minutes of feeling the fresh air, wander around what's the set up of the place and taking some photos then we comeback to the mall as what everyone does because we all feel that heavy rain is going to pour we haven't stayed for a while there but at least even a short while we happen to visit the place for the first time since I've left Philippines last 2007.


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July 14, 2010

Again they Reunite

Last July 9, my husband and his brother reunite on their mum’s 72 years birthday on the day before. It’s been a while they haven’t seen each other I think more than 6 months his brother must busy on his job or lazy to come around and visit them. On that evening we had a dinner on our favorite restaurant the Noodle Kingdom in the town. His brother is not an outgoing person just same as him and sometimes it’s really not good enough living that life, I always encourage my hubby to go out even sometimes because there is still more to life than to stay at home all the time. On that night wehad great moment catching up with each other, enjoying the big serve of meal that I’m struggling to finish while the brothers reminisce the past how they use to play and fight. His only brother is a year older than him during his 20’s he had a problem on his diet that he can’t control and became fat weighing 170kg, my hubby told me that he is always shy to go out with his fat brother way back long time ago. Now if you see his brother you can see how he lose those fats, he looks very fit and handsome he probably take phentermine on his diet or he can be motivated to really reduce and do a regular exercise plus he stop eating junk food. Now my hubby is a little bit bigger than him, but not as his brothers weight before, its shocking story when they tell me, I even saw the photo of him when he was still obesse, it was all not good memories that must be buried in the past and move on a better life.

July 13, 2010

Fun Rides and Recreation

At Baguio City Fun Rides and Recreation this place has a merry go round, roller skating just on the walkway, my sister and I play table tennis and my hubby is just watching us and some people roller skating.

This was  great idea hanging on the ceiling when you look up it's  interesting that's why I give a shot of taking photos

This photo was captured by my hubby, we rent a racket and ball for half hour testing our ability if I still know how to play, it's been school time since I've played always and  more than a year ago just one time in Australia

July 12, 2010

Water Front Hotel At Cebu City


This is water front hotel building was captured during our day tour in Cebu City Taoist (Chinese) Temple an overlooking site on some part of the city and a 15 minutes drive going to the hotel

Diffferent kinds of restaurants lobby inside the hotel if you walk further as what one person is doing in the photo it will bring you to the gaming room of PAGCOR

The main lobby of hotel only found the chair is blue so I don't bother to post this photo


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