April 30, 2010

Cloud 9

This is the day when my hubby is feeding the seagulls. We’ve seen a few airplanes passing here that day, I don't take more photo of them as I'm enjoyng my moment with the birds.  I’ve asked my hubby why is it for just a few minutes I can see another plane coming again. He just said this part of beach could be the approach path of the airplane landing at the airport. He must be right this is the only closest sea to the airport. After our funny moments with seagulls, we move a little bit further on where we park earlier sothat we can be more closer to the plane if there is one approaching, but as we keep waiting we don't see any maybe after another hour, but we can't wait that long, there is still more days to come back.

 Qantas Airways

 Same but with the birds standing on stobie pole

 Virgin Blue airplane

This one travel by land only..lol

April 29, 2010

Let there be Light

Crosstitiching is one of my hobbies. The face of Jesus. This is a 5 years old frame. I've spent long hours a day stitching this, it could be at office during lunch time, at home sitting in the corner of the bed or while watching tv or whenever I feel. Stitching this pattern is not easy for some people, it's lucky only 1 color thread to stitch this pattern. You need to put dedication, motivation, patience and love on what your doing, sometimes I dont have them when I get lazy. But once I have started I become addicted especially if I already see the face forming I'm eager to stitch continouosly. It's worth, I can see the fruit of my hardwork when I see them hanging on the wall. For me, it's an achievement.  Oh I can see my reflection on the frame, I took the photo in the floor of our bedroom,lol, never mind it's too late to change...

April 28, 2010

Lost and Found

For a brief recap, this post was part of rundle mall walks as what you’ve seen and read on my previous post. I'm on my way finding the museum which is just next street from Rundle mall. I’m not familiar with the building so I tried to get inside this one assuming it’s right. I feel like a stranger inside looking around, most are students. It doesn't seem to be like a gallery here huh “I’m talking to myself this isn’t the museum a long time ago when I first visit here, this doesn’t look like, where is it now? As if it vanish lol” as I read some writing on the wall, it’s SA library with University connected to the building…grrr silly me, I exit and I keep on walking until I finally found the museum. They have similar structure of the building that’s why I get inside. All is cool, sometimes we need to get lost, to find what we are looking for. I’m happy also to capture the fountain in front of the library yard.

 Ahead of the fountain is a SA Library building that I was mistaken as Museum

 The 2 fountain was in between the footwalk

What a coincidence this little boy was also captured by his grandma, a familiar face who happen to be my customer in the shop. She don't recognize me but I say hello to her and introduce myself then she remember, she use of seeing me wearing uniform and wear a hat.

Another cute fountain can't wait to let them go so I get capture with the father and kids.

Uni building where pigeons loves to rest

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April 27, 2010

Gigantic Shoes

My mother in-law rang my hubby last Saturday asking what we’re going to do on Sunday and she told my hubby to take her for a drive somewhere we haven’t been yet. She’s just like us, who loves to drive anywhere but along the long beach of Adelaide always. But it end up we still drive her on the usual places we drive before.lol We went to Glenelg, had a window shopping on Jetty road, she’d bought something on a Chemist shop and we had a lunch on Asian Noodle Bar. On her 70's age she loves shopping still, we are like dogs following her which shop she gets interest to come in. We get inside the Shoe shop while she was browsing we also wander around, on window glass I saw this fancy display gigantic shoe. After that we went back to the car and start driving all the way around Adelaide and the beach as always. She was happy and has enjoyed our company. Her happiness is our happiness too.

Cinderella Shoes, whoever fits the shoe, it's yours....

April 26, 2010

Chinese Boutique Super Sale

Last Thursday I start my work a bit late around 2pm, only 3 hours well it's better than nothing. After Easter week we are a bit quite in the shop so our hours were reduced, not very good that’s the joy of casual employee. I have some important things to do this day before going to work so I just catch a bus going to the city (Rundle Mall) to submit a request from Immigration for the requirement I’ve missed on my permanent resident application. After I’ve sorted out everything from certify true copy of my papers and mail on post office. I had my lunch on Southern Cross food court before going to work. I saw the  Chinese shop inside the food court that have an attractive decorated balloons on the entrance, after eating I come nearby and take a   photo they have a bargain sale for the week.

Treat me like a Rose

The shot I've got from the neighbors garden as I was walking on the side street 5 houses to reach the house I saw this beautiful rose on the fence side of the neighbor I almost going to pick but I didn't.

April 25, 2010

Drama of the Day

The short adventure we had last Sunday was just parking in the seaside of Glenelg North Beach, a short walking distance from the leisure area of main Glenelg Beach. Before going there we first drive at Brighton Beach supposedly we are going to dine-in on a restaurant there but we can’t find a parking closer to the Jetty Road where all shops and resto was located so we think of going to Glenelg, as we are approaching closely to Glenelg unexpectedly my hubby turned left and park on side street I’m clueless why he pull over, he saw a fish and chips shop along the side road that I didn’t notice as my eyes were busy watching elsewhere. He said let’s get our food here, suddenly I frown because I don’t want to eat fish and chips that day, I want to sit and relax while eating. I told him if the taste is not good, I’ll kill you hahaha it’s joke only I don’t want to be in jail of course. I’m still murmuring while on the way somewhere down the road. But as we drive along Glenelg he found a spot it's the quiet part of beach side only. I don’t know why guys want peace and quiet place always dining-in is a problem maybe for my hubby only, he is kill joy sometimes hahaha. So then we park and I keep on eating in the car even the taste is not that delicious as what we use to have, I’m so hungry that late afternoon so I still eat. My hubby is eating quietly as he knew I’m grumpy hehehe.

Many seagulls flying around my hubby start throwing food to only one that was there already on the later a flock of them landed on his side and some on the car bonnet. He  ask if I want to take photo, hmmm I’m not in the mood yet, but just replied "never mind I’m still eating and my finger is greasy". Looking at the birds were very interesting, I clean my finger and start to take a shot just in the car as he feeds them. I'm not contented that I hop out the car and position on bonnet side. If not from the seagulls I’m still upset with my hubby hahhaha but after the photo taking we’re good. I love him so much he is very supportive to my blogging hobby. hehe Life is full of drama sometimes.

Moments with Seagulls

Who is the quickest?

That's mine, that's mine.

Waiting for food. Watching them while hubby put his hand outside with food, they stare each other observing  who will move first to fly and get the food. We waste a bit of food, anyway it doesn't taste that good.hehe worth sharing to the birds rather than the bin will benefit.

Look at them they must be hungry

I had to laugh on this when they hear the car is coming they  fly quickly and come back again for food, how many times it happen they come and go.

I don't know if all of them were feed it's like they are competing here who can fly first and get the food, some were clever
Hahaha another car is coming, come on let's fly the car will hit us

April 24, 2010

Best Beach Resort

We are going for a holiday in the Philippine soon; our plane tickets were all booked from international to local destination in my country. We are excited about meeting my family, friends and relatives. Everything was scheduled of what we are going to do, going from one province to another and vacation on a popular resort. Our worry at the moment is booking the best beach resort to stay with for how many days. I’ve been researching some travel websites reviewing the resort history and the comments of people who stay on the resort before, especially the staff service, accommodation, rates, how the room looks like some resort look beautiful in the photo but when you see personally it’s totally different. There are many choices to think about, choosing the best resort for our convenience and comfort. We need to look for complete amenities, 24 hours service from the staff, a resort close to the beach front. I already have list of resorts that I have selected, still deciding which the best one to pick and book them. After everything is sort out that’s the start of our preparation what necessary things we will bring. Of course money is the first in line that’s the most important and the rest is easy to put in the baggage.

April 23, 2010


We had a short adventure last Sunday I’ll share to you some series of photos on my next post. Today’s photo was captured from the windscreen of the car when we are on our way home passing South Road bridge.

Click here to view more skies around the world from SKYWATCH FRIDAY

April 22, 2010

Always Eat Fresh

My food for today is about Oysters. We are not allowed to use mobile in the shop, but I hide mine on my apron, when our manager went to lunch and a chance that no customer comes in I take some oyster out of the window and arrange like a flower then take a few shot and return on the tray, silly me.

 I want to share an article I've just read about oysters and the nutrients we can get :

Oysters are often a staple of a seafood-rich diet. While small, their health benefits are great. Many people, both young and old, men and women, can benefit from the nutritional value of these sea creatures.
For men, oysters can be key in the proper development and maintenance of their hormones. These sea creatures are rich in zinc, a key element in the production of testosterone. Zinc, however, is not beneficial solely to men. It is a multi-faceted mineral that can aid in energy production, DNA repair, and cardio-respiratory functioning. More importantly, zinc deficiencies often lead to a loss of appetite, slow growth, decreased ability to heal wounds, and hair loss. Lower levels of zinc can also increase risk of infections, and inhibit smell and taste
Oysters also provide an excellent source of protein, most specifically tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid–the building block of all proteins–that helps regulate mood and stress levels in the brain.

A diet rich in oysters will also help maintain collagen levels in the skin. This allows the skin to retain its elasticity, and delays the onset of wrinkles. Oysters also contain high levels of calcium, iron, and vitamin A, which are essential for healthy bones, blood, and eyesight, respectively.
Fat and Cholesterol
Perhaps just as important as what oysters have is what they do not contain. These sea creatures are low in cholesterol, containing only 55 mg per serving (generally considered to be six medium oysters.) In addition, the fat content of these sea creatures is minimal–only about two grams of fat per serving

April 21, 2010

Experiencing a Faulty Car Condition

In modern world, most of the people have their own car. It’s a necessity that everyone need as the means of transportation going to work, shop, running some errands and very reliable in case of emergency. Owning a car is not only about knowing how to drive the important thing is also to know how it works and having an idea if there is something wrong with the car.

I’ve got my provisionary license last October 2009, got my second hand car around August while I’m undergoing my driving lesson. It’s only cheap as my first car expecting something will happen as I’m new and not much experience in driving so maybe I’ll scratch it or hit somewhere. My husband was the one who choose the car and I think there is a little bit wrong with its condition but its running perfectly just need some maintenance for my own safety in the road. So we look for an auto repair shop to handle my car problem, we first inquire some price quotation on Chicago auto repair shop.

Generally the female loves to drive only and the male have the manly ability about mechanical repair and my husband is expert on it that's why I always consult if something happen to my car. For everyone who doesn’t know anything if the car breakdown or in a faulty condition bring your car to auto repair for a check up. Other countries have four climate changes that will affect the condition of the car. Base on my personal experience during summer I've encountered a leakage on the road underneath my car engine when I visit my friend house I was thinking the petrol was overflowing I crawl down and smell it, but then one friend said it’s the evaporated water from A/C. There is also a time it's chilly and rain the whole day, I start the car and drive straight not knowing I still need to warm up the engine so what happen just lucky I’m just around the corner of the house when the engine stop, but when I start the engine again and warm up for a while it run again smoothly. Also make sure to check engine light from time to time, if it's flickering or you experience a sudden on and off while driving there is something wrong on your car condition.
Driving everyday I learn many issues about car condition. When I’ve experienced all the wrong condition happened to my car, I study and read an article about car maintenance and especially the indication if the car is running on a faulty condition. Now I feel safer and not panic incase I hear unusual noise in my car.

A tiny fountain in the river

A tiny fountain on both side bridge of River Torrens.

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Wordful Wednesday

April 20, 2010

Dream House

This is our dream house it’s not bad to dream, it cost nothing anyway. This is my handmade cross stitched, I’ve finished this last 2004 and when my hubby visits me for the first time in Philippines last 2005 it also travel with him when he went back to Australia, he export 2 of my framed cross stitch. It’s now hanging on our house wall.

Before marriage, couples always have many things on their minds what is the best they can do for their future. We think of saving money, maintain good relationship, having a complete family one day and to build a house if you don’t have one.

That’s what my hubby and I undergo on this situation now; planning to buy a house is our next step. We don’t own a house yet because financial stability worry us from the start of our spousal relationship and weekly rentals just chew up all our money and can’t get any credit in the future except we have temporary house to live in at the moment. These past few months we are thinking of buying a house as an investment rather than renting forever. There is lots of research to make in choosing a prospective property to buy. We need to find a nice location that suits our budget, accessible to shops or bus stop, a short distance from work and other things that are convenient to us. Most especially finding a way for a low cost property that we can afford and we can pay in short term.

We spend an hour or two browsing online on articleinput.com to help us guide and find the right house for us. There’s a lot to read on understanding the financial aspects in the market place. Now we are on the process of making the perfect decision on this matter of a lifetime commitment. Hopefully very soon we can get a house

Pacific Island Gallery

After my Rundle Mall walks, I also visit the South Australian Museum. My eyes was amaze seeing the preserve species of different kinds of animals, I don’t realize there is more stuff to browse around on other floor curiously I follow some of the guest as my guide where to go. I get inside in Pacific Island Gallery and Aboriginal art gallery its beautiful knowing the historical artwork and craft of the ancient people (aboriginal tribes) and the resources they use on those times. I don't get a chance to take photo on aboriginal gallery because the lightings were dark in that room. 

Mother and son monkey
Different preserve species

Pacific Island Gallery room

Guinea Dwelling Place

Trading canoe

Wooden sculpture


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